Choosing 512 MB 5300 DDR2 667 SDRAM

You want to expand your computer's memory, and when it comes time to do so, you realize that there are so many choices for what type of RAM memory to use. Whether you need space for gaming, photos, songs, or work, adding 512 MB or DDR2 SDRAM memory can increase your machine's performance and speed. When you're not sure what you should know about RAM before you buy it, there are a few basics to be familiar with.

What Is PC2-5300 DDR2 SDRAM?

Most computer memory for larger desktop models is made with DIMM modules, while laptops usually feature the smaller form factor of SO-DIMM. In addition to this, there are a few other things to know about DDR2 667 MHz options.

  • DDR2 RAM doubles the transfer speed and performance of regular DDR memory, meaning that latency is higher but it's still energy-efficient. Bus speeds are higher as well, and there's double the bandwidth compared to previous RAM modules.
  • The 5300 refers to the bandwidth speed, which is how much data can transfer per second, so a high number indicates a fast module. It also runs at 667 Mhz for even more performance.
  • You can choose this type of memory in varied storage amounts, ranging from 4 GB DDR2 to 8 GB DDR2. Depending on how many modules it has, there is a specific amount of memory in each module to form the total memory capacity.

How Do You Choose 512 MB DDR2 RAM?

Not only is 512 MB DDR2 RAM efficient and fast, but it has other features to offer, too. Ultimately, your goal should be to pick the most compatible type for your machine.

  • There are assorted options when it comes to RAM, such as ECC or non-ECC. Both types are useful and functional. ECC stands for "error correction code," which theoretically means ECC RAM should be more reliable, but that's not always the case. In the end, it depends on the model and brand, as non-ECC can be quicker in some cases.
  • You'll need to choose the number of pins that are compatible with your system, such as a 200-pin design or a 240-pin module.
  • You can also select DIMM or SO-DIMM depending on your computer type.

Which Brands Make DDR2 667 RAM?

After you become comfortable with the basics of memory, you can select a brand that's right for you. There are numerous brands to choose from when it comes to 667 MHz of memory RAM.

  • Crucial creates multiple types of GB memory. For instance, you can select unbuffered, non-ECC modules with 4 GB of SO-DIMM.
  • Check out Kingston's multiple options of 512 MB options. You can buy a kit with multiple sticks or buy them separately.
  • Another brand to consider is Hynix. This company makes memory for laptops and desktops in both Mac and PC formats.