A Buyer's Guide to Choosing Modular Scaffolding Components

When you need to paint, make repairs, or reach a higher level and have your supplies handy, you need a scaffolding system. These scaffolding components make it easy to adjust the height, size, and depth of the scaffolding, and they are also easy to set up, take down, and store. On eBay, you can find a variety of new, used, and refurbished modular scaffolding components.

What are some of the features of modular scaffolding?

Some of the standard features of these helpful systems include:

  • Locking wheels: Once you have the system in the desired position, you can lock the wheels so it does not roll out of place.
  • Guardrail: This helps prevent falls and accidents when on high scaffolding systems.
  • Built-in steps or ladders: This facilitates climbing to the raised surface and getting off of the platform.
  • Adjustable platform: Purchase a design that can move the raised surface to different sides or heights on the rails for application versatility.
  • Rotating casters: The casters may rotate 360 degrees for ease of positioning the system.
What are some of the applications for the systems?

The applications for the affordable modular scaffolding systems include:

  • Painting: The raised surface provides you with space to stand and place your painting supplies.
  • Home maintenance and repairs: Masonry, gutter cleaning, roof work, and hanging decorations can be accomplished with the scaffolding.
  • Light and sound wiring: The scaffolding may come in handy for setting up lighting and sound equipment.
What types of materials are modular scaffolding systems made from?

The durable scaffolding systems are made from materials including:

  • Steel: Stainless steel or powder-coated steel is used for the rails, casters, risers, steps, and standing surface.
  • Foam: The raised standard surface may have a layer of foam cushioning for comfort when you stand, sit, or kneel on a surface.
  • Rubber: The wheels on the bottom of the scaffolding and edges of the raised surfaces may have a rubber coating with a traction design.
What are the available standard sizes of scaffolding components?

The sizes of scaffolding platforms and parts include:

  • Height: The standard height of the components ranges from 4 - 17 feet.
  • Weight capacity: The weight capacity of a section of the scaffolding is 500 to 1,000 pounds.
  • Width: The width of the scaffolding ranges from four to six feet.
  • Standing surface depth: The raised surface depths range from 18 to 24 inches.