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The HP AMD Desktop PC Gets the Job Done

Choosing a Hewlett Packard (HP) personal computer (PC) involves a balancing act between functionality and economy. There is a large variety of options and functions that are available through HP's extensive selection of home PCs from which to choose. Understanding the various options that are available will not only save you time and money, but it may also help make computer shopping worry free.

What type of system processor does it have?

If processing speed is important, then you'll want a CPU with plenty of GHz on its hard drive. Advanced Micro Devices (known as AMD) manufactures a popular line of microprocessors, the intelligence within the computer, also called the Central Processing Unit (CPU). The A10 high-speed microprocessor gives you enough GHz to multi-task and run several complex programs simultaneously. You can check your email, do your taxes, and listen to music without overwhelming the system.

How's the video processor?

The video processor packaged with the A10 by AMD is called the Radeon R7 discrete Graphics Processing Unit. Unlike integrated units, the discrete Graphics Processing Unit uses its own internal RAM, lightening the load on the system RAM. This not only gives you better graphics but frees up system RAM for other tasks.

What type of memory does it have?

Will you be storing lots of photos and videos? If so, then you'll want a computer with plenty of memory space, such as one with 1 TB of memory. The cache memory, also called the Random Access Memory (RAM) is expandable, giving you added power for complex programs.

Does it have any USB ports?

All HP desktops running the AMD A10 are equipped with multiple USB ports for connecting devices, such as a mouse, joystick, or keyboard. They will also accommodate portable memory storage units called memory sticks or thumb drives. Digital devices such as cameras and audio recorders can be connected via USB to download recorded information. Plug-and-play USB ports make it easy for you to plug right into the USB and access your applications from them.

How's the ergonomics of this HP computer?

The HP AMD A10 Desktop can be connected to as big a monitor as needed, making those long hours in front of the screen easier on the eyes. It can also be connected to an ergonomic keyboard, making input easier and reducing the danger of carpal tunnel syndrome.