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What You Need to Know About Gateway Netbooks

Laptops and portable computers can help improve your productivity as they can be taken everywhere. If you need something smaller and lighter that fits more easily in a backpack or bag, you may want to consider a netbook. Netbooks, like those offered by Gateway, may provide you with all of the software and programs you need without the weight and bulk of larger devices.

What components do netbooks have?

All portable computers, no matter what size, have a number of components in common. While the size and power may vary, all computers have:

  • Displays: The display is the actual component that shows the images. It allows you to read and see what you are typing, and it shows your game graphics or movies. The displays can vary between devices.
  • Processors: The central processing unit, often referred to as the CPU, actually makes the netbook run. Many netbooks use an Intel Atom chip, and you may also find some with AMD Athlon 64 chips. The speed at which the CPU runs is expressed in GHz. The higher the GHz, the faster the laptop runs.
  • Hard drives and memory: These components are responsible for storing all of your program files, computer files that the device needs to work, your documents, and your game files. The amount of memory can range from 160 GB to 320 GB.
  • Batteries: The battery life indicates how long you are able to use the computer before needing to recharge it. Larger batteries can power devices for longer, though the actual battery life can be influenced by the number and type of programs you are running and the brightness of your display.
What size options are there for netbooks?

By design, netbooks generally have a small display and size. The Gateway LT10 is the smallest with an 8.9-inch screen. The LT21, LT23, LT28, and LT40 all have 10.1-inch screens. The devices generally weigh around 3 pounds. For more information, see the manufacturer site for details.

What features may come with laptops?

Because netbooks are smaller than laptops, they may come with fewer features. It is recommended that you consider what features you need when looking at different portable computers. Some of the features Gateway netbook models may include are:

  • CD or DVD drive: This feature allows you to listen to music or watch a movie from a disc. It may also be able to burn disks.
  • Webcams: Webcams allow you to talk face-to-face with others. They can also allow you to record video right from your device without the need for an external camera.
  • USB ports: USB ports allow you to connect your laptop to a variety of other devices. Some do not have any USB ports as they are designed to be as small and portable as possible. Others may have one or even two ports.
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