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Cycling Hats, Caps & Headbands

Cycling hats, caps, and headbands are available for anyone who wishes to obtain some type of headwear that keeps faces protected when people are riding their bikes. These cycling caps come in many different shapes and sizes, allowing you to select one that fits your personal style. They have been manufactured by a variety of brands.

What types of cycling caps are available?

When you are looking for the right hat to wear when riding your bicycle, there are many different types that you can select from.

  • Balaclava: This is a garment that is placed over the entire face, usually when riding during the winter. It is close-fitting and covers the head and neck areas save for the eyes and mouth. The main material that these garments typically consist of is wool.
  • Bandana: This is a type of handkerchief that is commonly worn around the neck or head by being tied at the back.
  • Cycling cap: A thin type of cap that is circular in shape and fits around the top of the head with a small flap in the front, it is designed to be worn below helmets.
  • Casual hat: This is a standard hat that comes with a rounded crown as well as a hardened peak at the front that bends downward on the sides.
  • Headband: A type of cap that can be either hard or soft and comes in a variety of shapes, it is typically worn around the forehead to the back of the head without anything on top. Headbands are commonly used to keep perspiration off of the face.
Which materials do these hats and headbands consist of?

These cycling caps and headbands that are designed to be used for cycling have been crafted from various materials and fabrics, each with its own benefits.

  • Cotton blend: Although the exact ratio of this blend can vary, this material typically consists of polyester and cotton fibers.
  • Fleece: Fleece is machine-washable.
  • Microfiber: This material consists of a nylon and polyester mix.
  • Polyester: This is a flexible material.
What are some colors that these caps are available in?

These cycling caps are available in many different colors, the most prominent of which are black and blue. Some additional colors that are widely available with these cycling caps include beige, green, ivory, orange, purple, red, white, and yellow. Many come in multiple colors with combinations like black and red and green and black. It is also common to find caps that consist of different patterns and branded logos.