Car Alarms and Security Systems With Keyless Entry

A car alarm system with keyless entry is a great way to enhance the security of your automobile. These aftermarket systems are used to add an alarm to your car, providing you with a key remote that can be used to disable your vehicle and unlock it. Car alarms offer a variety of features, such as control of cars' starters, a remote-activated system, keyless entry, enhanced security at the locks, and alarm tones that meet your needs.

What is the benefit of aftermarket car alarms?

While many vehicles have some form of security, including alarms and keyless entry, aftermarket alarms offer a further layer of protection. By simply pressing a button on a remote fob, you can activate a set of locks and alarms on your vehicle that will prevent it from being tampered with. Aftermarket alarms offer maximum control and customization so that you can easily develop a security solution for your needs.

What features do car alarms have?

Car alarms can include a variety of features to enhance safety. While most include keyless entry, some also have the following benefits:

  • Kill switch: Many car alarms include a kill switch that prevents the vehicle from being started while the alarm is enabled. This effectively prevents an intruder from being able to start the car unless an encrypted signal is received from the key fob.
  • Manual transmission remote start: While many cars are available on the market that have the ability to have their starters activated remotely, there are no vehicles available from the factory with a remote starter for manual transmission. Some aftermarket car alarms include the ability to activate the starters on manual transmission vehicles. This feature overrides the need to physically press the clutch to start the vehicle, making it possible to start your vehicle with a push of the remote button.
  • Extended range key fob: If desired, some car alarms have key fobs that work up to 1 mile away, so with a press of a remote button, you can engage the locks, activate the siren, or start the car. This allows for easy keyless entry when necessary but can also be used to ward off intruders without detection. These alarms can also be beneficial in the event of a home break in to startle the crook, and the added distance of a 1-mile key fob can aid in those efforts.