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Adaptec RAID Controller Card

Adaptec RAID equipment allows multiple hard disks to be installed and linked so that operating systems view them as a single device. Adaptec RAID controller cards use SATA adapters. Raid attachments optimize PC systems to increase overall performance during a variety of functions, such as when playing video games or installing servers.

What levels do RAID controllers function with?

RAID controller hardware uses different level settings to help higher-level software interact with disks attached to the PCIe card. Higher controller levels can be utilized to mirror one drive to another and increase data integrity. Adaptec labels each controller they make with the levels that the device supports. When setting up a SAS system, the following are the levels you're likely to encounter.

  • RAID 0: striping without parity
  • RAID 1: data mirroring
  • RAID 2: mirroring with parity
  • RAID 3: dedicated parity
  • RAID 4: block-level striping
What file structure does Adaptec RAID hardware use?

Drives plugged into an Adaptec card are blind to the file structure attached on top of them. Since the plugged-in drives can’t detect the file structure, users with administrative privileges can format the disks attached to a RAID controller with whichever format they prefer. Microsoft Windows users might want to use NTFS, while Linux server operators may opt for ext4 instead. RAID0 devices, in particular, present themselves as regular block-storage units.

Can you attach SSD drives to a RAID card?

Each SATA port on an Adaptec PCIe card works the same way that the SATA ports on a regular motherboard do. You can plug any SATA device directly into the controller.

How many drives are needed to drive a RAID controller?

Your controller supports two or more hard-disk units, so you won't need to plug in more than these if you don't want to. Some people test their controllers by plugging in two units before adding others. This sort of light configuration should work even if you're using enterprise equipment.

What cluster size does Adaptec recommend?

If you haven't configured a custom cache, then you can usually leave the cluster size at whatever default your driver prefers. Adaptec RAID 2405 equipment is designed with compatibility in mind. Most administrators will only have to increase the cluster size beyond 4,096 bytes if they're building very large arrays.

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