64 GB Memory (RAM) Capacity Computer Servers

What You Need To Know Before You Buy Your 64GB RAM Computer

Have you been searching for a powerful computer that can accomplish resource-intensive functions and still provide an above-average user experience? Perhaps you are searching for the perfect gaming or media streaming computer. You will find the perfect, low-priced 64GB RAM computer on eBays user-friendly website, and here is what you need to know before you make your purchase.

Which functions is a 64GB RAM computer suited for?

A 64GB RAM computer is well-suited for gaming and media streaming. Operations that are processor-intensive or that require a fast internet connection should run well on this type of computer. Machines that have 64GB RAM may also be used to support network services especially models that have multiple processors. If used as a desktop computer, the most common chassis type is the regular size tower. If used as a network server, this computer is available in blade and tower forms and can also be rack mounted.

Do 64GB RAM computers come with different types of processors?

Processors that are commonly found in 64GB RAM computers include the Opteron and the Xeon, Xeon Dual Core, and Xeon Quad Core. While some computers that have 64GB RAM are equipped with a single processor, they will most often have 2, 4, 8, or 16 processors. Each class of processor contains several instances, so the capacity of a particular processor will vary depending on its number within the series. In general, higher numbers correspond to greater capacity. The following provides an overview of processors that are commonly found in computers that have 64GB RAM:

  • AMD Opteron: This CPU belongs to a family of processors that support 64-bit architecture. It supports single, 2, 4, 8, 12, and 16 cores with average speeds between 1.4 GHz and 3.5 GHz.
  • Intel Xeon: This series of processors was built to support cloud operations and has built-in security options. It is specifically intended to support processor-intensive operations and to accomplish tasks requiring high-speed internet.
  • Intel Xeon Duo Core: This dual processor is part of the Xeon family but is more powerful than the single core Xeon.
  • Intel Xeon Quad Core: Also part of the Xeon family of processors, this 7000 series model has greater capacity than its predecessors and can provide ample support for network servers.
Are there common specifications for a 64GB RAM computer?

Due to the ability of a 64GB computer to support a multitude of resource-intensive operations, configuration options can vary extensively. If you intend to use your computer as a server or for gaming or streaming media, you should look for video and sound cards that can support these operations. The amount of free hard disk space should meet your data storage needs and allow for installation of updates and additional software in the future.