iPhone SE 2da generación


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An Overview of the Apple iPhone SE 2nd Generation

On April 24, 2020, Apple officially released the second generation iPhone SE. The first generation of the iPhone SE debuted in 2016. The 2020 iPhone SE has more in common with the iPhone 11 than the 2016 SE as far as technology. Learn more about the iPhone SE (2nd generation) for sale on eBay.

Budget-Conscious Design

The 2020 iPhone SE 2 price reflects an entry-level smartphone offering sophisticated features without breaking the bank. Although lacking some of the high-end features of the iPhone 11, such as Face ID and gesture navigation, it still has many of the innovations Apple has made in chip design, camera functionality, wireless charging, and other key features.

Retina Display

Retina HD is the brand name of Apple's display technology. The key feature of a Retina display is the high pixel density (as measured by the number of pixels packed into a square inch). Individual pixels in the display should become indistinguishable at a normal viewing distance, so everything on the screen will appear sharper and clearer. The density of the iPhone SE is 326 pixels per inch — the same as the iPhone 11, iPhone XR, and many others, but less than the iPhone 11 Pro.

Performance Improvements

The heart of the 2020 iPhone SE is the A13 chip. It contains a six-core CPU — with some cores clocked as high as 2.65 GHz — compared to the 1.8 GHz dual-core CPU of the 2016 iPhone SE. The neural engine inside of the chip also accelerates the performance of applications with artificial intelligence. This results in significant performance improvements with shorter loading times and more multitasking.

Fast Wireless Speeds

Gigabit-class LTE is a bridge technology between 4G and 5G. With speeds up to a gigabit per second (which translates to around 400 megabits in the real world), it can stream video and download games with far fewer hitches than standard 4G, according to the website Digital Trends. Other wireless connectivity options include Bluetooth 5.0 and 802.11ax Wi-Fi — the same as the iPhone 11.

Advanced Camera Features

The rear camera of the 2020 iPhone SE features image stabilization, True Tone flash (which corrects the color temperature of the picture), a Portrait mode with depth control, six unique portrait lighting effects, and digital zoom.

Another important innovation is the Smart HDR, which can automatically take multiple shots at different exposure levels and then combine them into a single image to enhance shadow details and highlights. Many of these features were not present in the 2016 iPhone SE.

Suppose you're not quite ready to invest in the iPhone SE. In that case, you might want to consider previous generations of Apple smartphones such as the iPhone 7, iPhone 8, and iPhone X. These powerful devices come with many of the same features such as 4K video recording.

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