iPhone 7

iPhone 7



Display Size
4.7 in
Camera Resolution
12.0 MP
Wireless Charging
Headphone Jack
Release Date
September 16, 2016
138 g (4.87 oz)
14h talk time (3G)

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Long battery life
Small form factor
Good value
  • de ianminaJanuary 02, 2018

    Amazing phone for the market value

    I bought 3 months ago this phone with very high expectations from Apple (being an iphone user since Iphone 2g). First battery life is amazing, I don't need to charge my phone 2 or 3 times a day, just once, unless I'm doing something out of my regular routine. The 3d touch definitely works perfect to give more features that previously were not used. Clear voice and very exact touch recognition. The fact that is water resistant give you the ability of using it while doing some activities outside, however, consider that is not water proof but water resistant. The fingerprint reader won't work if your hands are wet. Love the facetime, it works perfectly. So in fact I have no complains about this phone, just consider you won't have a earphone connector, you will need to buy the adapter or use bluetooth technology with it. Definitely amazed by the 128gb this new phone give the users. Don't need to worry about what I download, how many videos or pictures I have or how much the IOS will use, you have all the memory you need.

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  • de lincar4000June 23, 2017

    Great phone great sound but LG V20 much easier to use.

    Great phone great sound but LG V20 Android much easier to use. I'm using this the 7 plus to primarily record concerts because the microphones are pretty decent. If the camera on my Nokia 1520 where better I would use that. The stereo that comes out of the Nokia when you record a concert is stupendous. But the iphone7 will do. The camera is much better so I'm giving up a little bit of sound (bass) to get better camera.

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  • de peter899erikMay 01, 2018

    Great battery life

    The iPhone7 has much better battery life (~ 3X as long) as the battery in my iPhone 5s. The 128 GB memory is greatly appreciated for storing long videos and data-heavy files and apps. Transition of all my settings, apps, and data from the old iphone 5s, which I had been using since 2014, was easy with simply removing the simcard from the old phone and placing it in the new unit.

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  • de liusunjingjing2008August 09, 2018

    High capacity but battery not good enough

    this iphone has high capacity, we can keep many apps and flies. The camera is high definition bur white balance seems too warmer when in dark light and make white looks like yellow. Battery life is not good, only 30% life left after 7 hours normal use. Light weight , good hand feel.

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  • de cutiepie823December 04, 2016

    Perfect on my hand with nice designs and great camera!

    Other than the dual camera that iPhone 7 Plus has, iPhone 7 is the best phone out there. It fits perfectly on my hand, and works well with Apple ecosystem that I already have in my setup at home. Design for Jet Black is very simple yet elegant. Perfect phone for me!

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  • de dnaexprmnt0xkkJanuary 02, 2020

    Excellent phone with great camera

    The iPhone 7 is just the right size - not too small and not too large like some of the newer phones. Has an excellent camera that takes really sharp pictures and great video.

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  • de nownc2005December 27, 2017

    Great phone

    My daughter bought this to repkace her older iPhone 6. Thos one is even better. Great color screen, long battery life, functions and spps are great. Typical Apple product and works well. Very pleased.

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  • de slr3912October 27, 2016

    iPhone 7 ... great phone.

    I love my iPhone 7. It has many new features. Takes great pictures. Battery life is somewhat longer not much. Always will have an iPhone.

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  • de oldsod1June 22, 2017

    Great phone amazing camera

    Love the cameras on this phone! Long battery life is a big plus and small enough to still get in my pocket for traveling.

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  • de kachur-8January 29, 2020

    Great phone. Battery and storage are great. Good screen size.

    Bought this for my son who is 11. Great starter phone, good battery life, good screen size. Great price point for a first phone.

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