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Zephyr Men's Hats

No matter which sport, school, or brand you'd like to support, hats have always been a great way to express yourself. Zephyr offers hats like beanies, bucket hats, classic curved bills, trucker hats, flat bills, and visors. Each snapback hat has its own color scheme that highlights the colors of a sports team. Zephyr men's hats specifically offer hats with the logo of college sports teams.

What Zephyr hat material options are available?

Many material options are available for their hats. The styles include:

  • Acrylic: Acrylic material is usually used to make beanies. The rugged acrylic offers material that is dense.
  • Wool blend: Zephyr’s wool blend hats come in styles like fitted versions, curved bills, or snapbacks.
  • Polyester: A polyester snapback hat is a traditional option. Their trucker hats are also made from polyester.
  • Cotton: Zephyr’s cotton hats are light. Their baseball caps are often made of 100% cotton.
What are the Zephyr hat design options?

All Zephyr snapback hats have some kind of logo on the material, such as a state university logo. The logo on a typical product is always large and features bold colors that stand out. On some hats, other graphics may be placed along the edge of the material. In order to highlight the colors of a college team, for example, many hats will have two color schemes. If a school has two bright colors, the visor will have one color scheme, and the main portion of the hat will feature more neutral colors, like black and white. College hats include Ivy league hats like Harvard or state schools like Berkeley. You can also select a Zephyr hat that is blank, with no design or logo on it.

Are the Zephyr hats comfortable?

Because these hats have different design schemes, comfort levels will vary. During a hot day, the hats that have a mesh along the side of the fabric will allow in air. Traditional cotton caps offer a lightweight fabric. The visor on the snapback hats can be adjusted to fit your head. In order to ensure total comfort before picking any kind of hat, however, try to select a cap that has proper measurements.

How do you maintain Zephyr hats?

Although each material option has different washing requirements, you should be able to remove a stain. In order to wash a cap successfully without ruining the structural elements, you must always wash the cap in a special frame that's designed for a washer. If you're going to hand-wash one of these caps, you must use a soft cloth and a mild soap.