Zapatos de fútbol para jóvenes

Youth Soccer Shoes

Soccer shoes, which are also called cleats or football boots, are required footwear when playing youth soccer. For playing soccer on hard pitches, the soccer shoes for youth typically have a molded sole to absorb some of the impact of the pitch and the ball, while for grass pitches, the soccer shoes are outfitted with metal cleats for the dominant foot or for both feet. Soccer shoes for youth offer a mixed design for speed and control of the ball.

What are the features of youth soccer shoes?

Youth soccer shoes are designed to provide protection and support for the foot. The boys' and girls' shoes look similar and follow standard sizing conventions for shoes. The soccer cleats come in different lengths based on the type and material of the studs. These tips will help you choose the features of the outdoor or indoor soccer shoes your kid needs.

  • Screw-in studs - Screw-in studs may be made out of plastic, metal, or rubber. The studs for the cleats may also be permanently attached, and those are also made of plastic, rubber, or metal.
  • Logos and designs - Soccer club logos or designs such as the Nike swoosh or Adidas logo may be placed on the sides of soccer shoes.
  • Durable sole - Adidas, Nike, and other manufacturers of shoes for youth soccer include a rubber sole for a hard pitch.

How do you choose a pair of youth soccer shoes?

When choosing soccer shoes for boys or girls, it is important to keep comfort in mind. Soccer shoes are usually supportive and lightweight.

  • Choose the type - Choose shoes for playing indoor soccer or outdoor youth soccer.
  • Choose a size - The size of boys cleats you need for soccer will be the same as the size as your everyday athletic shoes or running shoes. The shoes or cleats for soccer are worn with athletic socks, so there should be enough room in the shoes for your foot with the sock to fit comfortably.
  • Choose a color - Nike, Adidas, and other manufacturers make youth soccer cleats in black, gray, and a range of colors and combinations.

What is the difference between indoor soccer shoes and soccer cleats?

For youth soccer that is played on a hard indoor soccer turf that is artificial, the shoes need to have a durable sole. This helps the indoor soccer shoes last longer with less wear and scuffing of the rubber sole during youth soccer games and practices. Indoor soccer shoes are usually sized like a sneaker. Soccer cleats for outdoor use need to have more durable studs in the cleats. The kids' soccer cleats should have studs made of either rubber or metal. This helps boys and girls maintain a better grip on a soggy turf or a grassy soccer field. Outdoor soccer shoes by Adidas, Nike, and others may come up a little higher on the foot, reaching closer to the ankle. This helps protect the foot and lower leg from an impact with the soccer cleats on the other players' shoes.