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Finding a Protective Yellow Case for Your iPhone 6

Your iPhone 6 is likely a pretty important part of your daily life. You dont want to go to check a text or make a call only to find youve cracked or damaged it. The right phone case can be an attractive accessory that provides all of the protection that you will need for your iPhone 6.

What soft protection options are available to you?

You may be looking for an easy to install simple protection option. There are many lightweight and flexible yellow cases that are designed to protect your iPhone 6:

  • Bumper cases - Bumper cases are made with different combinations of soft materials like silicone and rubber. They emphasize corner protection to help spread out impact if your iPhone 6 is dropped or hit. Bumper cases can come in a wide range of colors and patterns.
  • Pouches and sleeves - Phone sleeves and pouches are another easy to install and lightweight protective option. They can be leather, two-tone, padded, or made of plastic materials and come in many different patterns and colors. Many are interchangeable between phone makes and models.
  • Skins - Phone skins can be ultra thin and come with an abundance of patterns, designs, colors, and styles. They can provide different levels of damage resistance but mainly are designed to help your phone avoid scratches, scrapes, and light impacts.
What heavy iPhone 6 protection options are available to you?

If youre looking for a more durable or military-grade option for your iPhone, you may wish to go with a hard case. Some different styles of hard cases are:

  • Shell cases - Shell cases clip to the back and sides of your phone and can be used in conjunction with certain types of bumper cases and skins, or separately. They usually surround the back and edges of a smartphone and can be made of many different materials. They come in many styles and colors and are easy to install.
  • Waterproof cases - Waterproof cases are designed to protect your smartphone from water damage. They are usually hard with added rubber components to form an airtight seal around your phone. Many also offer shock protection and element protection. Some waterproof cases can be submerged in water while others are better for light water resistance.
  • Ultimate protection cases - These cases are designed for users who plan to take their phones with them outdoors or in hazardous conditions. They can be made of anything from rubber and metal to acrylic and leather.
How can you tell if your phone case will fit?

The iPhone 6 comes in a few different model variants. These are the 6, 6S, 6S Plus, and 6 Plus. In order for your iPhone 6 case to fit well and do its job correctly, it must fit the exact model of iPhone 6 you own. The product information on the case youre looking at should specify which exact iPhone models that it will fit.

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