Your Guide to Finding Yamaha Outboard Boat Engines and Components

Yamaha has been making outboard boat motors and components since 1960. Yamaha outboards are available in many sizes to power both small and large nautical vessels. Whether you are searching for used or new Yamaha boat motors or new or used Yamaha parts for your boat, there are many options to choose from on eBay.

What are the available sizes of Yamaha outboards?

There are many different sizes of Yamaha boat motors available on eBay. Below are five sizes that might work for your boat. For more specifics, see the manufacturer site for details.

  • 250: The new Yamaha 250 outboard is a 4-stroke motor that is lightweight and compact with a V-6 engine.
  • V Max: Yamaha V Max engines are 4.2L with V-6 power. They come in 250, 225, and 200 horsepower, depending on how much power you need.
  • 300: Often referred to as 300 4, this 4-stroke motor boasts 300 horsepower. The 3.3L V-8 engine can power your larger vessels with ease.
  • 150: When you need a little less horsepower to push your boat, the affordable Yamaha 150 might be a great choice. It's a compact and reliable 4-stroke engine with 2.8 liters and a 25-inch shaft.
  • 70: The 70-horsepower Yamaha motor will propel smaller vessels weighing under 2,800 pounds. The motor is lightweight but powerful.
Components you may need for your Yamaha boat motor

Whether you are looking for a pre-owned Yamaha 250 outboard for sale or any other size of motor, you'll want to be sure you have some essential components.

  • Prop: While the engine provides the power, the prop is what makes the boat move. Propellers come with three or four blades and in various sizes, depending on your motor size and your needs.
  • Controls: Throttle controls are vital to Yamaha boat motors if you want to control your boat from the helm.
  • Wiring harness: The wiring harness is how you connect your engine to your controls and gauges.
  • Digital gauge: You want to make sure that you know how well your engine is operating at all times. Digital gauges will help you keep an eye on valuable feedback like oil pressure.
  • Oil: Depending on the size and age of your engine, you'll need to use either 2-stroke oil or 4-stroke oil to lubricate your engine. Check with the manufacturer to make sure you get the right product.
What components can you find to repair your Yamaha outboards?

If you need to fix or repair broken Yamaha boat motors, you can find everything you need on eBay. Below are some of the secondhand Yamaha parts available for purchase. Refer to the manufacturer's instructions to verify the parts you need.

  • Water pump: Find both repair kits and water pump parts for your Yamaha outboards.
  • Carburetor: If your carburetor is malfunctioning, you can find affordable repair kits on eBay, or you can replace it entirely.
  • Impeller: Find OEM and aftermarket impeller repair kits for your damaged Yamaha boat motors.
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