Yamaha Personal Watercraft Ignition and Starting Systems

When the starters on Yamaha Waverunners go out, you wont be able to have much fun on the water. You can bring life back to your Yamaha personal watercraft with a new starter kit. It can give it the same amount of vigor that it had when it first came off the dealer lot.

What model cables do Yamaha Superjet starters use?

This type of cruiser uses the three-piece Yamaha cable system. All replacements are identical to those originally featured on dealer models. All Superjet-branded cruisers use the same type of battery transfer cables, so you wont have to worry about compatibility when youre building the starter back to dealer specifications.

How long do Yamaha replacement starters last?

Most riders get around 1,000 or so hours out of a new FX starter. Those on racing teams might need to replace the igniter on their FX more often. Since many casual riders of VX Cruiser and other series of Yamaha Waverunners only ride around 50 hours a season, this translates into a good deal of time for most people. Those who field any sort of Yamaha Waverunners professionally might want to keep a few extra starters around.

Which pieces come with a Yamaha starter rebuild kit?

You should find everything that you need to rebuild the starter for your FX or VX personal watercraft in these kits. They may include either OEM parts from Yamaha or certified aftermarket components from a third-party company that produces replacement parts for Yamaha Waverunners. In either case, you should find all of the following included:

  • Starter block
  • Power transfer cables
  • Start gasket accessory
  • Mounting hardware and bracket assembly
  • Jack and plug set
What parts are needed to rebuild a FX SVHO ignition sytem?

Those who have high-performance personal watercraft designed for the sports market need a few extra pieces from Yamaha before they get going. Any personal watercraft from this series needs a computerized ECU in order to start. Owners of sports craft dont need to update the firmware themselves, however. Once you bolt the unit into your personal watercraft it will be able to start the unit whenever you turn it over.

How do you attach starter cables to a Superjet starter?

Sport riders with these units will need to crimp the cables before they attach it to the starter terminals. Youll more than likely find strong screw terminals that will give you the ability to firmly attach them. Make sure that the housing is back in place once you do in order to keep water out of the accessory block. Check to make sure that the cables are secure whether you are planning on casual or professional riding.