Decorate Your Yamaha Boat Using Custom Decals

Using decals or stickers can be a great way to customize the appearance of your Yamaha boat or decorate it to reflect some of your personal tastes and interests. eBay offers several unique options in a range of affordable prices. Knowing what designs, types, and colors you can choose for these products might help you find the ones that work for you.

What types of Yamaha boat decals are available?

You can divide Yamaha decals or stickers into three primary categories:

  • Branded - These boat decals will feature the Yamaha brand logo emblazoned on the front. You can find decals such as these in a variety of colors, and the brands lettering may be available in different styles or script choices.
  • Graphics - The graphics category features decals that have designs on them instead of names or letters. Stylized flames in blue, red, purple, or black are common examples you will find. These decals may feature some lettering in addition to the designs.
  • Lettering - Any decals in this category feature names, phrases, or letters that dont necessarily include the Yamaha brand name or logo.
Can any boat use these decals?

You should be able to place most of these stickers on the Yamaha boat of your choice. Some decals have designs, dimensions, or phrases that are intended to match a specific model. You can see the manufacturers site for details regarding dimensions or model numbers. Some common items that have decals made for them include:

  • Engines - Some decals act as cowling to decorate the engine block of your boat. The 350 V8 engine and the 300 V6 engine both have custom decals.
  • Paneling - You may wish to add logos, flames, or other designs to the smooth side panels on your craft.
What other things can decals do for you?

Although one of the primary uses of these stickers is to decorate your vehicle, some items can serve other functions such as:

  • Color changes - You may wish to purchase enough decals to change the color scheme of your crafts side panels and other areas.
  • Registration numbers - Some decals act as official registration number kits. You may wish to use decals to display your boats numbers instead of painting or stenciling them onto the surface.
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