Xeon Computer Servers

A Quick Guide to Xeon Computer Servers

When you need a server with real processing power for your network, you need a quality processor. eBay has many quality computer servers featuring powerful microprocessors like the Intel Xeon specifically designed for internet and large transactional database servers. You can use them in graphics, engineering, and multimedia applications that need a lot of resources.

What are Xeon computer servers?

A Xeon computer server is a computer server that uses Intel Xeon microprocessors, which employ the same structure as regular desktop-grade CPUs but include some advanced features, including more cache than their desktop counterparts. Xeons brand maintained across several generations of IA-32 and x86-64 processors. The first microprocessors had the model name with the Xeon moniker, with later models called Xeon. You can find new and pre-owned Xeon servers on eBay.

How many cores do Xeon computer servers have?

While most of Intels mainstream consumer processors are dual and quad-core, server CPUs can have more cores. The Xeon 20 and 22-core CPUs offer more power for processing heavy workloads. There are 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, and 18-core versions for different uses in various servers to suit all needs and budgets. The frequency optimized versions offer lower core counts but higher clock speeds, which is handy with single-threaded workloads. There are also lower-powered versions offered if power consumption is critical over performance.

What are the key features of Xeon computer servers?

Using a Xeon computer server with a microprocessor increases your power to get what you need quickly and easily. The Xeon servers available on eBay give a web server the following features:

  • Bigger cache: Xeon has a faster L1 and L2 cache with either 512 kilobytes or one megabyte to run the same 400Mhz processor clock speed.
  • Faster bus: Xeon has a faster bus that carries data between the processor, RAM, and I/O devices. It uses the 450NX chipset that works with a 100Mhz clock speed. It also supports up to 8GB of extra data output RAM memory.
  • Bigger AGP: Xeon offers a bigger accelerated graphics port (AGP) chipset, the 440GX AGPset, which also runs at 100Mhz and supports 2GB of 100Mhz SDRAM.
  • Extended server memory: Xeon offers an extended server memory structure, which allows for 36-bit addresses, allowing up to 64GB of physical memory to address.
  • Faster manufacturing: With everything premounted in a motherboard package, manufacturing is quicker. See the manufacturer site for details.
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