Xcel Wetsuits for Men

Xcel Wetsuits for Men

Wetsuits are important accessories for scuba diving, surfing, snorkeling, kiteboarding, and other water-sports. Xcel wetsuits help protect your body against lower temperatures whether you are swimming in the arctic or in tropical waters. Connecting with high-performance displays, Xcel creates its products with athletes in mind.

How does an Xcel wetsuit function?

A wetsuit is a garment made from neoprene designed for divers, surfers, and other watersport athletes. These wetsuits help to provide thermal protection, insulation, and buoyancy to their users. The buoyancy of the wetsuit is attributed to the air bubbles that are trapped within the suit’s thick layers. The same air bubbles are responsible for its insulation properties, because air is a poor conductor of heat.

What wetsuit styles are available?

Wetsuits are available in many shapes and colors. Some of these wetsuit designs include:

  • The full body suit: As you can tell from its name, this wetsuit is a one-piece suit that covers the entire body. This type is common because they are suitable for all temperatures and come in varying thicknesses.
  • The short suit: Like the full body wetsuit, the short wetsuit covers the entire torso but leaves the lower half of the limbs exposed. These are most suitable for divers who explore warm waters.
  • The farmer John suit: Unlike the other two types of wetsuit, this type is a two-piece suit that includes a jacket with a hood attached for added protection, making it suitable for cold-water-diving. The two pieces also add flexibility and comfort.
How do you select the right wetsuit size?

You can select the right sized suit, even if you have never worn one. You should know that a wetsuit can only be truly judged for size once you have taken a swim in it, and it has readjusted to your body size and shape. Well-fitting wetsuits should feel snug all over the body, but not enough to make you bend over.

How do you care for your Xcel wetsuit?

Here are some tips for increasing the product life of your wetsuit after use:

  • Rinse the suits after use using cool freshwater. Avoid using warm water, because this reduces the flexibility of neoprene over time.
  • After rinsing, use a plastic or wooden hanger to suspend the suit to dry it inside-out. Dry it away from direct sunlight.
  • Avoid folding the wetsuit or putting it in a heap with other clothes. Always leave it suspended on a hanger to avoid excess moisture or mold.
  • Never iron your product, and never put it in a washing machine or a dryer.
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