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Wyse All-in-One PC Desktop

Wyse is a manufacturer of cloud-based computer systems and hardware. The company was acquired by Dell in 2012 and renamed Dell Wyse. The company makes all-in-one, thin client devices.

What is an all-in-one computer system?

This type of computer substitutes the classic tower design for a simpler design that incorporates the internal components directly into the monitor case. An all-in-one PC has a smaller footprint with fewer wires and cables.

What is a thin client?

A thin client is a type of compact, lightweight computer that connects to a server from a remote location. In place of a hard drive, most of the computational work and data storage is done on the server side. Thin clients create an infrastructure of virtual desktops, meaning that the desktop and its software are separated from the physical client.

What is the Wyse 5000 Series?

The Wyse 5000 Series is the company's main line of all-in-one, thin client systems. A 1.4GHz AMD G-Series dual-core processor powers this series. The ThinOS operating system is designed to be fast, safe, and virus-resistant and features a fast boot time. The 5000 series features USB 2.0 ports, integrated dual-band Wi-Fi, and Gigabit Ethernet, allowing users to quickly connect to a network. The camera-and-microphone combo is built-in to facilitate video conferences or communicating with clients. The thin client also supports dual-monitor configurations for users who need a second display. Moreover, certain systems can run advanced applications, including CAD, 3D solids modeling, and video editing.

In which environments can you deploy the Wyse 5000 Series?

The Wyse 5000 Series is designed to work in hospitals, clinics, nurses' stations, call centers, trading offices, banks, retail stores, and similar business settings. The 5000 Series also allows remote employees to work securely and safely away from the office or work site. In addition, multimedia capabilities and cost-effective performance make this series suitable for classrooms, libraries, and labs.

What makes the Wyse thin clients secure?

Wyse thin clients have no attack surfaces to admit viruses and malware. The system uses PCoIP, or PC-over-IP protocol, designed to keep all the user's sensitive information safely inside the central system. The PCoIP security module uses government-standard AES and NSA Suite B ciphers.

How are Wyse thin clients set up?

The one-cord design and out-of-box setup make for simple deployment. The system does not require much onsite management or configuration. You can also manage it remotely through the Wyse Device Manager or Wyse Cloud Client Manager.

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