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Workwear Scrubs

Workwear in the medical field has changed a lot over the years. Scrubs have become the standard uniform for workers from doctors to janitors to home health workers, bringing comfort and practicality to everybody’s job. The versatility of scrubs makes them practical and functional for the workplace.

What style options are available?

You can choose from unisex or female contour styles, V-neck or scoop neck (and even a peek-a-boo scoop neck), short sleeves or slightly longer short sleeves, elastic gathering or tie at the small of the back (on women’s tops), generic-fit pants with either a drawstring or elastic at the waist, and cargo pants or non-cargo pants. You can also choose from solid, contrast mock, or cheery prints, and you can buy your scrubs in sets or individually.

Why have scrubs become medical field attire?

Scrubs were originally worn only by surgeons, but it became obvious that all hospital staff members would benefit from wearing them. The switch to wearing practical, unencumbering, lightweight, and pocketed scrub tops and pants made a significant difference in medical staffs’ comfort and performance throughout long hard shifts at work. Some hospitals require employees to wear scrubs with particular solid colors so that employees can be identified by their job type.

What do hospitals like about scrub fabrics?

Scrub fabrics benefit the hospital operations and their employees. Scrubs are made of materials that make the identification of bodily fluids and other substances easy. The high-performance fabrics that are used to make scrubs allow them to be washed with high heat in hospital washing machines, keeping them sanitary enough to be shared among the employees.

What makes scrubs easy to shop for?

Scrub pants are cut large enough to accommodate people of different sizes, and their elastic and drawstring waists manage the extra fabric. The many pockets that scrubs are designed with provide places to carry various supplies. Scrub tops have two large pockets on them. Cargo scrub pants, such as the ones offered by Cherokee and other brands, offer extra pockets to the uniform.

Various scrub workwear fabric types may also be offered, which include the benefits of moisture resistance, odor neutralization, stain resistance, pilling resistance, wrinkle resistance, stretchiness, and softness. There are also options offered to buy lightweight or mid-weight fabrics.

What other workwear uniform clothing items are paired with scrubs?

Lab coats and warm-up scrub jackets are available. Long sleeve t-shirts are created to be worn under scrubs for added warmth throughout the workday. Footwear is generally shoes with rubber soles that are comfortable to wear all during your shift.