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Women's Water Shoes

Women's water shoes offer foot protection from injuries that can be caused by jagged rocks, pool floors, or other water hazards. Although they are commonly referred to as "shoes,” this women's footwear is available in the form of shoes or sandals and are made from a variety of materials. The top layer of these shoes is generally covered with a breathable mesh whereas the sole is thick and rugged.

What materials are used for women's water shoes and sandals?

Women's water shoes and sandals are made from a variety of materials and are constructed to allow breathability of the feet. Always check individual shoe descriptions for construction materials. These may include:

  • Hydrophobic engineered mesh
  • Rubber soles
  • Velcro closures
  • Leather
  • Synthetic
Why do some women's water shoes look more like socks?

Some water shoes are thin, and many women refer to them as water socks. They are constructed to look more like socks than shoes and are made out of lightweight materials such as polyester. The soles of these shoes are not solid, making them better designed for swimming pool wear rather than for a rocky sea or ocean bed.

Can you walk on land in water shoes?

Some water shoes have a thick sole and are made out of tough materials. Many of these are durable, and you could even go backpacking or hiking in them. Other shoes are thin to make it easier for you to swim while wearing them. You can walk in water shoes, but mostly you should do this along the beach. Always read the full water shoe description to make sure the shoes will suit your purposes.

Can you wash water shoes in the washing machine?

Follow the manufacturer's instructions as to the care of your water shoes. Each pair is unique, and water shoes come in a variety of materials. While water doesn't damage them, certain soaps or the movement of the washing machine could affect the materials and the construction of the shoes.

What are the benefits of wearing women's water shoes?

Water shoes and water sandals offer women’s feet protection in many ways. Some of the benefits these durable shoes and sandals provide include:

  • Protection from rocks or other jagged debris in the water.
  • Warmer feet when the ground or water is cool.
  • Added safeguard against jellyfish and other sea animals.
  • Less slipping and sliding when walking on wet surfaces.