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Women's Knee High Socks

Knee high socks are ideal accessories because they are both practical and fun. Women can wear high socks to look modest and professional, or they can be worn as part of a more alternative look. Tube socks are a great way for women to stay warm in all types of weather, and they are also useful in athletic situations.

What are knee high socks made from?

There are many popular materials used to create knee high socks for women.

  • Cotton - Comfortable and breathable cotton is perfect for casual knee high socks.
  • Wool - Wool is a warmer material that is great for winter hosiery.
  • Nylon - Stretch nylon is perfect for more sheer knee high socks.
  • Polyester - A lot of knee high socks include some polyester to make them more durable.
How do women wear knee high socks?

There are plenty of great ways to benefit from wearing knee high socks.

  • Wear as accessories - High socks in a solid color or design that match your outfit can look great with shorts, skirts, or dresses. They look great peeking over the top of knee boots.
  • Use to keep warm - Thick wool socks that go over the calf can be worn under trousers to stay warm in the winter.
  • Make a cute costume - A lot of adult costumes use long socks to make the outfit look cuter.
  • Wear instead of hosiery- Women who cannot have bare legs in professional settings can wear knee high socks with longer skirts instead of wearing full length tights.
How do knee socks stay up?

Women who worry about their socks falling down below their calf can get special knee socks that are more likely to stay put at the knee. Some socks have an elastic band around the top to keep them in place. Another good option is to choose knee high socks with a grippy material along the top of the band. For longer knee high socks, women can wear garters to keep their stockings above the knee.

What are common knee high sock patterns?

You can easily get knee high socks in these fun patterns.

  • Stripes - Stripes are always stylish for knee highs. Some striped tube socks just have a single strip around the high part of the top, while others have rainbow stripes going all the way to the toes .
  • Argyle - Knee socks in argyle are often associated with preppy and academic wear.
  • Fair Isle - These traditional Scottish patterns use geometric and botanical motifs for a traditionally cozy look.
  • Novelty - A lot of people use socks to express their creativity, so you can find unusual options like skulls, superhero boots, or holiday prints.