Women's Hair Combs

Women have used decorative hair combs since time immemorial. They can be elegant in their simplicity or richly ornamented. They can be used to keep hair out of your face or be the magnificent piece of hair jewelry that makes your wedding attire complete.

What are the different types of hair combs?

There's a great variety of hair combs available. Some are simple in design while others are more complex and ornate. Some can be kept as heirlooms if they are delicate and have been passed on through generations. Others serve a more practical, everyday purpose. The range of combs include:

  • Large combs that help to keep a chignon in place and give the coiffure much flair during an evening out
  • Large, sturdy banana comb hair clips that help keep thick ponytails in place. There are also smaller versions of banana clips.
  • Mantilla hair combs. These large, tall combs are called peinetas.
  • Combs with long teeth for updos
  • Tassel chain hair combs that give hair a Renaissance look
  • Flexible hair comb headbands

Smaller combs include:

  • Vintage hair combs made of such material as tortoiseshell and metal and adorned with rhinestones
  • Tiara-style hair combs
  • Small hair combs to help make and secure a bun
  • Wig clips to secure hair extensions
  • Twist clamp hair clips
  • Stretch combs
What materials are combs made of?

The combs are made of:

  • Plastic, which come in a wealth of bright colors. They include white, black, gold, silver, blue, red, and green.
  • Metal, including bronze, gold-plated silver, gold-tone metal, and Scandinavian silver. This silver is 82% pure silver.
  • Wood. These include colorful wood beads.
  • Acrylic. Acrylic can be made to resemble many other materials, such as glass.

Other materials are:

  • Faux shell. This material resembles real shells such as mother-of-pearl.
  • Tortoise shell. Most combs made of tortoiseshell are actually made of plastic made to resemble the material made from the shell of the hawksbill turtle.
  • Celluloid. This material is also called French ivory and is used to imitate real ivory.
  • Bakelite. This is a type of phenolic resin that can take bright colors.
What kind of ornaments do hair combs have?

Ornaments found on hair combs include:

  • Crystal. Crystal designs come in the shape of butterflies, bows, floral sprays, or laurel wreaths. A high-quality type of crystal is Swarovski, which can have a brilliance that rivals a well-cut diamond.
  • Pearl. Faux pearls are often used with crystals and rhinestones.
  • Rhinestones. Also called paste jewels or diamante, these small, sparkling ornaments resemble diamonds or other precious or semiprecious gems. They have pointed or flat backs, and they are not pierced.
  • Fabric flowers. Fabric flowers can be made of materials such as silk or velvet.
  • White seed beads
  • Foam to create beehive hairdos and blossoms.
  • Biot feathers. These are made from goose wing feathers. They take dyes well and can be worked into different shapes.
  • Bows