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Wheel Center Caps for Hummer H3

The Hummer H3 is an eye-catching ride. Whether yours is usually spotless or covered with mud, when you drive the H3, people notice. If one thing they’re noticing is that you’re missing a couple of wheel center caps, that’s easy to fix with replacements.

Why should you replace center caps?

Whether you take your H3 off-road or keep to the pavement, the tires will throw mud, water, and grime up onto the wheels. Over time, this mess can lead to corrosion and premature wear of the lug nuts, hub nuts, and wheel bearings.

The Hummer H3 uses large center caps that cover the lug nuts and hub nuts. The caps help deflect dirt from these essential components, keeping them from becoming caked with grime and coated with water.

The center caps also make the H3 look sharp. They finish off the rims and give them that unique Hummer style.

How do you choose a center cap for the H3?

The Hummer H3 was only produced from 2006 through 2010, so there aren’t many variations of center caps. Most of the differences are a matter of color, although there is a different style for one particular rim that was available as an option.

To be sure you’re getting a part that matches your specific vehicle, you should work from the part number. This number is found on the back of the caps. Pop one of the caps off your Hummer, get the number, and look for a match when you’re shopping.

What are the features of Hummer H3 center caps?

Size and shape: Most center caps for this vehicle are round. The exception is the cap for the 18-inch, seven-slot chrome rim. This rim was an option from 2007 through 2010. Its center cap is round with six short spokes around the edges.

All caps have an arm, or tab, that extends out over one of the spokes on the rim. The overall width, including the tab, is about 9.5 inches.

Finish: The caps for the Hummer H3 are silver, silver painted, or chrome. The tab may be the same finish as the rest of the cap, or it may be black, depending on the trim package. The Hummer logo is engraved on the tab.

How do you replace caps on the Hummer H3?

To remove the caps, use the wheel wrench that comes with the vehicle. You don’t have to take the wheels off. Insert the flat end of the wrench under the end of the tab on the center cap and carefully pry it off. The plastic retaining clips on the back of the cap can break if you use too much force, so take it easy.

To install a new cap, just line the tab up with the groove in the rim and push it into place. You may have to give it a couple of raps to get the clips firmly seated into the rim.