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Have a Practical Accessory in Hand With Wallet Cases for Motorola Phones

Whether you are riding your bike, attending a concert, or hitting the town for a night out, it can be inconvenient to just carry one accessory that acts as a phone and a wallet. For this reason, it is becoming increasingly common to carry a wallet case. These phone covers replace your wallet and keep your important cards — I.D., credit or debit card, and insurance cards — right in your hand or pocket.

How does a wallet case hold cards?

Just like a traditional leather wallet, a wallet case contains a card pocket. For added protection of your cards, many wallet cases also have an additional flap and closure. This flap may be held in place by a magnet or by a snap. While an open design may be sufficient, you may prefer the hidden wallet if you move a lot while carrying your cards, such as walking long distances or riding a bike.

What materials of wallet covers are available?

Some wallet cases are made of silicone. This material looks similar to most other phone covers, it is highly water resistant, and it is slim and protective. Genuine leather and faux leather, or PU, wallet covers are also available. Like silicone, soft leather protects the device from drops because leather will not shatter if it hits the ground. Leather can offer an elegant look to your phone. It can also be embossed with a name, monogram, word, or phrase. Both silicone and leather wallet covers can feature other design elements liek prints, glitter, or texture.

What other features may be available on a wallet case?

The functionality of a wallet cover does not have to end at the card slots. Many cases also have additional features that are common in standard phone cases, such as the following:

  • Kickstand: Use this viewing stand to prop up your phone for a better video experience.
  • Loop or clip: Keep your phone secure on your belt.
  • Small storage compartment: In addition to the card slot, this pocket may hold cash and even display a photo or two.
Are these one-size-fits-all Motorola wallet cases?

No, not necessarily. Because Motorola makes a wide range of cell phone models, it is important to make sure that the wallet cover you choose will fit your model. Most cases fit phones that are around 5 inches long and 2 inches wide. There are wallet cases available for the larger plus phone models.

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