Volvo Penta Sterndrive Transmission and Drive Parts

You can use this sterndrive transmission and these drive parts for the Volva Penta propulsion system on your boat. These components are available for a wide range of different Volvo Penta models, allowing you to select the piece that fits your specific model. Volvo Penta Sterndrive parts range from driveshaft yokes to transom shields.

How does a transom shield kit work?

The transom is the section of your boat that houses the outboard motor, which powers your boat. The Volvo Penta shields available to you can provide your transom with protection from a wide range of possible issues that you could encounter when taking your boat onto the water. This part absorbs all shocks and defends this area of your boat from scars, cracks, scratches, and chips that can occur due to numerous circumstances.

How do you select the right Volvo Penta part?

When you are selecting a Volvo Penta part, such as a sterndrive transmission, the main option available to you is an OEM part, which is any part that was created by the original manufacturer. Volvo Penta manufactures these parts, which means that they will fit with other Volvo Penta parts without any alterations or modifications to adequately accommodate them. During your search, you may notice that some of these parts are listed as having a yearly range, such as 2000-2007, alongside the name. This specification means that the piece is available in each of these years and will be a direct fit with the corresponding Volvo Penta sterndrive transmission and parts from the same years.

How does an oil cooler work?

Although not required, you can install an oil cooler in the engine of your boat to help to cool the oil that passes through the engine to ensure that it does not become overheated. This part typically makes use of an adapter around the oil filter housing that allows the oil to be pumped from the housing into the cooler and then sent back. If you are considering an oil cooler, you can use either raw or fresh water to cool the coil. With cooler oil, your engine will operate at a colder temperature to keep your watercraft running smoothly.

In what colors are these parts available?

When you are considering the selection of one of the Volvo Penta sterndrive parts, there is a range of color options that are available to you, the most common of which are black and white. Some of the additional colors that you can select from include blue, gray, brown, red, green, and gold.