Volvo Penta Sterndrive Belts and Pulleys

Volvo Penta engines using the Sterndrive package are considered some of the more high-performing, efficient boat motors available on the marine market today. It is a complete system with components for trim and tilt and a low fuel consumption design that will extend your boating trip. Still, over the years, you may need to replace some of the engine components like the belts and pulleys of the Sterndrive system.

How do these parts affect the performance of Volvo Pentas?

Since the control systems of just about any marine vessel happens in the main cockpit area, you’ll need a good system to control the gears and pulleys of your Sterndrive engine. The Volvo Penta does this by using a serpentine belt that allows the engine to work properly when commands are relayed via the main throttle of the boat. Over time, these serpentine belts can degrade, which means that you’ll have to replace this component of your Volvo Penta.

What parts make up the Sterndrive system of Volvo Pentas?

As you might expect, the Sterndrive system of the Volvo Penta is largely comprised of pulleys that relay power throughout the engine. One of the main components of this Volvo engine is the idler pulley that makes sure that the right amount of tension is held on the internal engine drive belt of the Volvo Penta. Additionally, there is also a tensioner pulley that does a similar job but is mounted on an adjustable bolt.

Another important component of the drive system of the Volvo Penta is the serpentine belt, which is also called the drive belt. This belt is tensioned and relays the movement of the pulleys throughout the body of the Volvo Penta motor. Finally, each of these engines requires an impeller that will circulate fresh water through the engine via centrifugal force, which will cool down the processes inside the engine.

How do you replace serpentine belts in a Volvo Penta?

When it’s time to replace the drive belt inside of the Volvo Penta with the Sterndrive package, you’ll have to undergo a few simple steps. Here’s the process:

  • Release the bolt on the idler pulley. This Volvo Penta component is typically located on the upper right side of the engine. Once the bolt is released, turn it down to loosen it. This will cause the pulley itself to descend lower on the engine causing the belt to release tension.
  • Now that the tension is released, carefully remove the old belt from the pulleys. This should be relatively easy; just make sure not to yank too hard on the remaining pulleys of your Volvo Penta.
  • Next, grab your Volvo Penta replacement serpentine belt and place it where you removed the old belt.
  • Loosen the bolt on the idler pulley a bit more. Next, turn the pulley itself clockwise in order to add tension to the belt itself and raise it to position. Once this is done, you want to make sure that the serpentine belt on the Sterndrive engine has a tension that doesn’t exceed 90 degrees or so.
  • Tighten the idler pulley of your engine so that it snaps back into its initial position and cannot move during boat operation.