Fitting a Dovetail Telescope Mount

Having your very own telescope can be an incredible experience and a fun way to get up close and personal with the cosmos. By using an array of lenses and mirrors, this device can collect light from objects that are millions of kilometers away. When getting a telescope, you should consider getting a telescope mount strong enough to support the mass. Mounting your telescope will allow for the accurate pointing of the instrument.

How Does the Dovetail Telescope Mounts Work?

The dovetail mounting system simplifies the attachment and removal of telescope optical tubes while assuring a firm and safe attachment. When mounting, one dovetail bar directly attaches to the optical tube, and the other dovetail bar attaches to a set of standard mounting rings where the D series accessories mount.

What Are the Main Parts of Dovetail Telescope Mounts?

Most telescopes mounts utilize the Vixen dovetail system for quick and easy mounting. The main parts and accessories include:

  • A dovetail saddle plate: This is a finely machined connection that slides into the mount saddle and allows for a dovetail to fit on top so a telescope with a different connection can securely place through the saddle plate. Dovetail plates come in different sizes (widths and lengths) and you can choose based on the equipment you plan to mount together.
  • Side by side Vixen style plate: Incorporates two saddle plates that can mount the Vixen Style or the Losmandy style plates, mounted parallel to each other. It is used for mounting two optical systems side by side by rotating your equatorial mount's saddle 90 degrees
  • Dovetail bars: The bars allow you to securely attach an optical tube to the amount. Vixen style universal dovetail bars are primarily used to mount small refractors and solar scopes. The bars accommodate a two-point 1/4 x 20 connection with hole spacing up to 1.5 inches.
  • Adapter: The Vixen Dovetail Plate Adapter allows you to attach accessories to a dovetail bar. This gently slides dovetail base into the mount and locks it in place using the mounts locking knobs.

Why Are the Main Features of Vixen Dovetail Telescope Mounts?

  • Quality materials: Vixen dovetail telescope mounts are spring loaded and come with guide pins for a smooth, easy opening and a solid locking system. Users are also supplied with strong 2x 1/4 screws which when drilled into the dovetail screw holes ensure improved stability. Most parts use black anodized and stainless steel for maximum durability and ultra good looks.
  • Easy set-up: The Vixen dovetail telescope mounts are easy to mount. The parts come in different sizes allowing you to choose the perfect bars for your set-up. In addition, the mount system comes with a convenient adapter plate that enables you to easily fit the dovetail.