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Under Armour Soccer Shoes & Cleats

Under Armour Soccer Shoes and Cleats

Under Armour Soccer shoes and cleats are offered in a range of different aesthetic designs and features. There are several different models, including the Spotlight and the Speedform cleats. The collection includes products in different designs for both men and women.

What are some of the colors and designs offered?

Each of the Under Armour products offered features the company logo. Solid colors used in some of the designs include white, blue, black, and silver. Several of the solid color designs, such as the Mens Spotlight model, features a solid color such as black with a logo in another color such as white. Patterned designs vary between models. The Speedform Spring Limited Soccer Cleats features a floral pattern across the body of the shoe. The Speedform CRM FG model has a light blue shoe body and pink soles. The colors and patterns available for different Under Armour products varies between individual products.

There are both men and womens products available for purchase. One example of a womens product in a solid color is the Womens Blue 3000133-300 UA Force 3.0 FG which features a light blue body and a white logo on the back side. Logo placement varies between products and ranges from the top side of the shoe to the heel area. Some products feature logos that reach from the sole of the shoe to the lacing area, such as the UA Clutchfit Force 2.0 FG model in metallic silver.

What sizes are available for the different models?

Sizing varies on an individual basis, with some listings featuring multiple sizes while others may only have a single size available. For example, the Under Armour Spotlight FG model in metallic silver may only be available in United States size 11.5. The CF Force 3.0 FG model may be available in mens US 7, 10.5, and 11. See manufacturer site for details.

What are some features of the products offered?

The products offered feature different materials of construction and may include linings for the purpose of cushioning. For example, the mens CF Force 3.0 FG soccer cleats feature an upper portion made from synthetic leather. They also include a sockliner for the purpose of foot support and cushioning. Among all of the cleats, the outsoles feature studs designed to penetrate the ground for grip. The CF Force 3.0 FG features conical studs. The CF Force also features a bladed heel. Lacing is used for fastening on the products offered. Lacing color varies between individual models.

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