Twin Size Headboards & Footboards

Twin Headboards

From twin to queen and king beds, headboards are an important piece of furniture, accenting the decor of the bedroom. They add a layer of insulation between the bed and wall, protecting the sleeper from drafts. Whether wood, metal, or upholstered, headboards also add a level of comfort to a bedroom, thus producing a more relaxing atmosphere.

What materials make up headboards?

From a clean, white, upholstered queen headboard to a rustic, wood twin model, furniture and bed choices depend on personal taste. While some beds feature leather or wicker, the most common materials are:

  • Wood: This provides insulation for a bed against an outside wall as well as a natural ambiance. The most common types of wood for beds are oak, cherry, and pine, and they can be either stained or painted white or other colors.
  • Metal Metal designs include silver, steel, copper, or other metals in a pattern of bars with the wall behind the bed visible.
  • Upholstered or tufted These patterns consist of fabric pulled tightly over a layer of foam. In a diamond pattern, upholstered buttons hold the fabric down through the foam, creating tufts. These come in a variety of colors, sizes, and upholstered methods.
What size are headboards for twin beds?

The general rule for headboard sizing is to add 6 inches to the width of the bed. This applies to all sizes of beds and all styles of headboards from upholstered to wood. For twins, the average width is 38 inches, so most headboards for these beds measure roughly 44 inches. Height is more variable. At a minimum, on a twin, the headboard spans 14 inches above the top of the mattress but can go much higher. Tufted and upholstered models are usually extra tall.

How do headboards attach to the bed?

This depends on the size and style of the headboard. Some attach to a twin frame using a rod system that attaches the frame to both the headboard and footboard. Twin floating headboards are attached directly to the wall above the mattress. These are common in twin upholstered or tufted styles of headboards. Floor-standing wood headboards are separate pieces of furniture that can stand alone but are often attached to the bed for stability.

What are some headboards for children?

Most kids sleep in twin beds, so parents can personalize the headboards to the specific bedrooms. Whether you prefer a white tufted upholstered style or classic wood pattern, there is a unique option for any childs bed, including:

  • LEGO block: These twin upholstered types hang over a bed, providing a colorful addition to furniture in the bedroom.
  • Theme: Beds can feature a favorite character or sports team, either upholstered and tufted or in wood.
  • First initial: These headboards are used in rooms with two beds. Each childs initial hangs over their personal bed. These are usually wood but can also be upholstered.
What are some functional headboards?

Headboards made of wood can easily double as other types of furniture. Often built around twin or queen beds, these add extra storage to the bedroom in the form of wood shelves, bookcases, drawers, and clothes hooks, among other uses.