Currican motores y componentes

Trolling Motors & Components

A trolling motor is a secondary motor that's mounted near the outboard motor on the stern of a boat and is used to propel or maneuver the boat while fishing. The trolling motor is a basic gasoline or electric motor that helps an angler shift position while their bait is cast. It's an auxiliary power source, which may be mounted on the bow while the anchor is in the water.

What are the components of a trolling motor?

Generally, a trolling motor has a propeller on the end of a shaft, which is powered by a 12, 24, or 36-volt direct-current battery based on 12-volt, watertight, deep-cycle batteries. The trolling motor may be controlled by:

  • Hand: A hand-controlled trolling motor operates via a tiller with speed control on it or on a control knob on the motor itself. The user controls the position of the boat with it.
  • Foot: A foot-operated trolling motor is turned on and off with a foot pedal attached to a sophisticated controller. It also employs servomotors, or rotary actuators, which control the boat’s position, velocity, and acceleration based on input from sensors. Foot-based control leaves the angler's hands free to land and unhook fish.
  • Wireless remote: The premium Minn Kota trolling motors operate by wireless remote or key-fob transmitter, like an automotive keyless ignition.
What components for Minn Kota motors are available?

Minn Kota electric trolling motor components range from complex copilot and i-Pilot controllers and the wireless remotes that control them to replacement parts, propellers, foot pedals, and sonar adapter cables. Minn Kota manufactures and sells parts for its most common small engines:

  • Freshwater: Freshwater models include the Edge, Power Drive V2, Fortex, and Terrova. The Edge motors exert 45 pounds of thrust and are 50 to 55 inches long. The Power Drive V2 features Bluetooth and iPilot, while the Fortrex exerts 80 pounds of thrust from a 45- to 62-inch shaft.
  • Saltwater: Saltwater models include Riptide Ulterra, SE, SF, SM, SP, and ST, the Riptide Terrova, and the Riptide Powerdrive. The Riptide ST exerts 55 pounds of thrust from a 36- or 42-inch shaft while the SM exerts 55 to 80 pounds of thrust from 42- to 52-inch shaft.
  • Bow: Motors to mount on the bow almost all produce 80 pounds thrust. Some available models include Edge, Power Drive V2, Fortex, and Terrova.
  • Transom: Endura and Traxxis transom motors exert 30, 40, 45, 55, and 80 pounds of thrust from a shaft that measures 20, 30, 36, or 42 inches. The Camo 45 Waterfowl edition exerts 45 pounds from a 36-inch shaft.
What accessories for Minn Kota motors are available?

Minn Kota motor accessories include quick-release brackets, mounts, and lights. The brackets come in a variety of types and sizes depending on the weight and length of the motor and the type of vessel it's mounted on. Batteries, battery chargers, anchors, and winches to raise and lower the anchors are also readily available. Parts and other hardware for installation are also offered.