Things to Know Before Choosing Transparent Cases for Your iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 is the sixth generation of the iPhone series designed by Apple. It has several features, such as a rear and front camera, multitouch touchscreen display, fingerprint-resistant coating, and a 3.5mm audio jack. If you want to protect your iPhone 5 device from damage but retain its sleek design, you will need a transparent case.

What is a transparent case?

A transparent or clear case is a clear and colorless cover for your iPhone 5. Clear cases safeguard your Apple iPhone as well as retain its original design and color. The case acts as a layer of protection from dust, dirt, water, and other types of debris that may be detrimental to your iPhone.

What types of clear cases are available?

There are several different types of cases that vary in design, functionality, and other factors. The common types of clear cases for Apple iPhone include the following:

  • Fitted case/skins: The fitted case has a thin and flexible design that covers the exterior of your iPhone. Their lightweight structure and elasticity allows them to absorb shock.
  • Pouch/sleeve case: The pouch is created to be comfortable as well as protective from scrapes and scratches. A firm belt further secures the smartphone in place.
  • Bumper case: It is designed in a rectangular orientation so as to wrap around the exterior of your iPhone. It is typically made with rubber to aid its shock absorption qualities in case of accidental drops.
  • Clip case: This design comes with an attachable clip that attaches onto your belt or waist for stability. It is created with rigorous activities, such as hiking and running, in mind.
  • Wallet case: It is pocket-sized and can be folded. It also carries some versatile uses such as storage functionality.
How do you choose the right clear case?

There are several criteria that could help you choose the right clear case for your Apple iPhone. These are:

  • The appearance and feel of the case: Your iPhone has a unique appearance, texture, and color. You may decide to choose a case that retains or accentuates these features.
  • The dimensions of your phone: Your smartphone has a specific size that the case must fit. You may wish to avoid a bulky design if you want your smartphone to be petite and easily slide into your pockets.
  • The phone's usage: If you use your phone when exercising or hiking, a case that employs a belt and clip could be more secure.
  • The material of the case: For more protection, you may aim for shock absorbent material that can withstand a heavy drop.
What can you do to protect your transparent case?

The case also needs to be maintained to function properly. The following practices are geared toward protecting your case from wearing out, staining, and damaging:

  • Wipe your case: Clean the case to remove stains and maintain its appearance.
  • Store it at room temperature: Keep the case away from extreme temperatures, which may melt or disfigure the material.
  • Avoid rugged areas: Store the case away from your keys and other rugged household tools, which may graze it.
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