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Discover a Range of PC Desktops With All-in-One Computer Touchscreens

Many all-in-one computer desktops include touchscreen support that allows you to interface with them directly using just the screen. You can also find all-in-one computers with touchscreen support on eBay. Exploring some of the main features of these types of systems can help you choose the model that is right for you.

How do all-in-one computers with touchscreens work?

The all-in-one unit is a specific form factor for desktop PCs. This means that much of the hardware is contained inside a small case. This case is usually attached to the back of the monitor. These types of systems can offer you several potential benefits that may include the following:

  • Portability - Your whole system is contained inside the monitor in an all-in-one computer. Because it has touchscreen support, you should not need any peripheral accessories. This makes the system highly portable.
  • Space - All-in-one computers with touchscreen support don't need towers or other parts of the system that you might have to attach. This can save you space and open up a range of options for setting up your desktop PC.
  • Power - Many versions of all-in-one desktop PCs don't generate a lot of heat or require much power to run effectively.
What other features can all-in-one computers with touchscreens have?

The touchscreen on your all-in-one computer from eBay is its main interface, but you can find models that include a host of other features as well. eBay lists some of the main features for these computers in helpful categories that you can select. You can use eBay to find the models that work for you. Some common features you will find during your search are:

  • Speakers - Many all-in-one computers with touchscreens also have speakers in the monitor, negating the need for you to attach any.
  • Cooling - Because many of these desktop PCs do not generate a lot of heat, you can choose a model that uses liquid cooling. Some versions have a fanless construction to cut down on noise.
  • Optical drives - Some models have drives for playing CDs, DVDs, or Blu-ray discs.
Can you choose a processor speed?

Your all-in-one computer touchscreen PC uses a central processing unit as a brain that controls the operating system. Most processors can operate between a minimum and maximum speed. This speed rating determines how fast the computer can find and retrieve data for you or run programs. Speed can also be a factor in how smoothly or efficiently some of your programs run. Common processor speeds you can choose from include 2.0GHz, 2.5GHz, and 3.0GHz.