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How to Choose a Windows XP Laptop

When you're selecting a laptop, whether it's for work, for school, or solely for entertainment use, there are a few factors to consider. A laptop with a larger display screen or a netbook that typically has a smaller footprint both come in models from the Toshiba brand with a variety of features from which to select, so choosing the right Windows laptop for you depends on several factors.

What Are Some Laptop Features?

You may just want to pick a computer based on the features the specific model offers, such as hard-drive capacity or an Intel processor. There are features suited more for work or for media purposes, depending on what you're planning on using your laptop for.

  • For clear, crisp images whether you're working on documents or watching a movie, some Windows models offer a TruBrite display that's an LCD screen with a high resolution of pixels, such as 1440 by 900.
  • Systems that have a built-in graphics card like the ATI Radeon X1200 work well for gaming purposes and can enhance and increase gaming performance.
  • You can even use your computer as a media center when you purchase a model that has a built-in DVD drive that you can use to view media via DVD discs.

What Are Some Models Offered?

For computers preinstalled with Windows XP, there are a few Toshiba models to consider. Each has its own feature set and may come with different memory capacities, and models come in a variety of screen sizes.

  • The Satellite P105-S6084 has the 2005 version of Windows XP ready to go and has a 17-inch LCD screen with a high resolution. The Intel Graphics 950 Accelerator card supports gaming and enhances anything graphics-intensive, while a DVD drive plays your favorite films on the go.
  • For a more portable form factor, opt for the 10.1-inch Mini NB205-N312/BL. It has a processor speed of 1.66 GHz and 1 GB of memory. There's an onboard graphics card, and the lightweight netbook weighs less than three pounds.
  • Choose a model with an optical DVD/CDRW drive and a Pentium 1.73 GHz processor when you opt for the Tecra M3. With 60 GB of memory and a lightweight design, this notebook has an NVIDIA GeForce graphics card and plenty of ports, including USB, headphone output, and microphone inputs.

How Do You Choose a Laptop?

After you find out more about the different features and models, there are just a few decisions to make before you select your notebook.

  • You'll need to choose the size. A netbook is the smallest, with a screen that's less than 12 inches. For a medium-sized computer that's between 12 and 15 inches, consider a notebook, while a laptop measures between 15 and 17 inches.
  • Decide on the Windows XP edition you need. There are a few different options, including Media Center, Home, Professional, and Home Premium.
  • Select the features that are important to you, such as a powerful graphics card for gaming or a built-in DVD player.

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