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Streamline Your Work With a Windows 98 Laptop or Netbook

A quality laptop can make your work easier, not to mention it provides you with excellent entertainment options. For those who like old-school technology, Windows 98 laptops provide them with a wealth of features available on newer devices combined with the familiarity of a well-trusted operating system. If you're not ready to take the leap to the Windows 10 OS yet, older Toshiba laptops may suit you well.

What Factors Should I Consider Before Buying a Laptop?

When shopping for a new machine, you first need to determine your day-to-day usage. Whether you are looking to immerse in some DOS gaming or want to be able to continue to use some work-related classic Windows programs, Windows 98 laptops come in various configurations and offer different connectivity solutions. Look at the way you intend to use the machine. For example, opt for one with a long-lasting battery if you plan to do a lot of work away from the office, or go for a larger screen size if you need extra work space and portability is not a big issue for you.

What Are Some of the Features I Should Pay Attention to When Buying a Windows 98 Computer?

  • Specs: Before deciding what kind of processor and RAM you need, think about the applications you intend to run. If you're looking to play games or do video encoding on the machine, look for a model with an AMD or Intel processor of at least 2 GHz. Make sure the computer can handle your needs, and look for a model with enough storage space for all your documents. As for RAM, 4 GB is generally enough for a Windows 98 machine, but you can go higher if you're interested in running powerful applications and software.
  • Connectivity: Most Toshiba computers come with wireless connectivity, but if you sometimes need to connect to a network via Ethernet, make sure the machine has a suitable port. Look for at least two USB ports for your peripherals, and choose a model with HDMI connectivity if you need to use the laptop with an HD display. Bluetooth and card adapters are further options to look into.
  • Power and Battery Life: If you plan on traveling or working in multiple locations, it's important to be sure the battery of your Toshiba laptop can last for at least a couple of hours. Some features such as a backlit keyboard are battery draining, so take them into account.

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