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How to Choose a Windows 10 Laptop

A Toshiba laptop comes equipped to handle what you need from a PC, and with Intel Core processors powering it, it has the ability to run a variety of operating systems, including Windows 10 and other Windows versions to let you compute the way you choose.

How do I determine which is the right laptop or netbook?

When choosing the right laptop for your personal or business use, consider what you need your laptop to do. Having a computer that can handle multitasking seamlessly is appreciated whether you use your laptop for everyday browsing and entertainment or for running your business.

  • When choosing a gaming laptop, you need plenty of hard drive space and RAM to keep your gaming sessions running efficiently.
  • When you're planning to use your laptop as the home base for your business, having enough space to hold all those important files and the capability for faster file uploading and downloading speeds can make a difference in how efficiently and effectively you work.

What is the Toshiba Satellite Ultrabook?

This Ultrabook is a hybrid laptop that works well for your everyday computing needs. Having a hybrid means that your machine can double as both a notebook and a tablet, allowing you to use it almost anywhere life takes you.

  • Its 12.5-inch HD backlit display gives you what you need for streaming and gaming, and you can use its HDMI port to connect to an HDTV or another external viewing source.
  • With Intel Core i5 processing, it handles browsing, entertainment, and multitasking with ease.
  • It offers 128 GB Samsung SSD storage capacity, so there is plenty room for all your apps and files. In addition, the USB 3.0 ports allow for fast file transfers and the media-card reader transfers data from cameras and other mobile devices with ease.

What are some features to look for?

These laptops have been designed to be ready for what your work or leisure requires. With quad-core processors, a variety of GB storage options, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth connectivity, there are several features worth noting.

  • Cortana is the built-in voice-enabled personal digital assistant that you can activate by pressing the Cortana key.
  • Dual-array TruTalk microphones are helpful for video conferencing/calling and talking to Cortana. High-resolution screens are available in HD, Full HD, or UltraHD 4K formats, while audio by Skullcandy and Harman Kardon with DTS sound can make your gaming and entertainment experience more vibrant.
  • A touchscreen display, a front-facing webcam, and a backlit keyboard can make using your laptop easier and make your workflow more efficient.

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