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Toshiba 50-60 Inch TVs

Selecting Toshiba 50”- 60” Televisions

Toshiba offers a wide range of products including 50-inch to 60-inch TV sets for digital entertainment. The sizing of these models is suited for integration into a home theater system as well as different kinds of game-play. What goes into the selection of the right LED set?

Which smart TV features do many Toshiba sets offer?

Downloadable apps are typical for LED sets. Examples include Netflix, YouTube, and Pandora. There is no longer a need to hook up another device to add this functionality. Other features include home network streaming and internet browsing. Since the LED TV is Wi-Fi enabled, doing so is a snap. These Toshiba 50-60-inch televisions are also HDTV enabled, which adds more functionality to the sets.

What aesthetics make these Toshiba TV models stand out?

Toshiba manufactured these TV sets to be suitable for family room use as the main unit. But the LED televisions are also good options for bedroom usage. Visual aesthetics help Toshiba units to blend in. Other choices include:

  • Colors: Choose from black, gray, or silver housings. These tones fit in with most wall or room color schemes.
  • Mounting options: Many buyers mount an LED TV on the wall. Others choose to display it on a stand that fits on top of a TV cart.
  • Stand-alone units: Toshiba rear-projection TV units stand alone.
What refresh rate do Toshiba 50-inch to 60-inch TVs have?

A higher picture refresh rate signals that the TV updates the display image on the screen more frequently. A typical smart TV might do so 120 times per second. Look for the 120Hz notation on the box. Other LED models might do so 60 times per second. You still receive a vibrant picture with high color definition and contrast.

What should gamers know about Toshiba large-screen LED TV sets?

Some Toshiba televisions are geared toward the gamer audience. Typically, these are 4K ultra HD resolution LED sets. The picture quality makes it possible to support dynamic mode. You can switch to gamer mode with the click of a button. Parents may appreciate the game timer that limits the experience.

Several game systems support wireless connectivity to the TV sets. It is also possible to connect with USB video ports for older machines. A speaker system that supports surround sound can boost the enjoyment that gamers derive from playing their video games on the big screen.

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