Toshiba 1080p (FHD) resolución máxima televisores


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TVs with 1080p Resolution for Crisp Images

When you get out the popcorn and are ready to watch your favorite programs or videos, you want to view images that are crisp and clear. Toshiba manufactures 1080p resolution TVs that display images in HD to improve picture quality and optimize your entertainment experience. In addition to optimal imaging, you can choose Smart features.

What Is 1080p Resolution?

Pixels are tiny dots grouped together to create pictures you view on the screen. TVs with 1080p resolution have 1920 horizontal pixels and 1080 vertical pixels. You may hear 1080p referred to as full HD. To understand the differences in resolutions, ultra HD 4K televisions have four times the number of pixels as 1080p TVs, whereas 720p televisions have half as many pixels as 1080p TVs.

What Should You Consider When Buying a 1080p TV?

  • Size: If you put a large television in a small room, images may appear blurry and viewing angles will be limited. Consider the space available for seating so that you and viewers can watch the display, whether seated in front or on either side of the TV. Moreover, when considering available space, keep in mind that televisions are sized by their diagonal screen measurement, which is longer than the TV's actual width.
  • Viewing Distance: Bigger HD 1080p screens mean you can sit farther away without that affecting image quality. For example, the optimal viewing distance for a 32-inch TV is 4.3 feet whereas 6.6 feet is the most favorable distance for a 50-inch TV, suitable for use in a mid-sized room.
  • LED TV: To complement 1080p technology, LED screens adjust to a variety of lighting conditions so that blacks look darker and colors appear richer.

What Other Key Features Should You Look for in TVs?

Smart TVs include one or more HDMI ports so you can connect streaming sticks or other devices to stream video in full HD. You can also use the high-speed connection to deliver digital surround sound through your speakers via a HDMI cable attached to a receiver. Otherwise, the two speakers built-into the framework of Toshiba TVs are adequate for most applications. Moreover, you can view your photo galleries on the big screen by connecting a digital camera to a USB port. Depending on the model, most HDTVs include a TV tuner, a V-chip so you can monitor what your children watch, and a headphone jack to listen to audio recordings privately. Furthermore, most models have a 60 Hz refresh rate to help eliminate blurring of fast-moving objects.