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Tibor Fly Reel Fishing Reels

Custom-Made Tackle: Tibor Fly Fishing Reels

The family business founded by Ted Juracsik in 1976 has won over 900 world records, thereby authenticating the quality of its products. Its range of fly fishing reels are made 100 percent in the USA and assembled by hand in the Florida manufacturing plant. You have a wide choice among the companys top-selling reels, such as one from the Signature Series or a Gulfstream fly reel.

Why Are Tibor Reels Popular?

The fishing spool has a large arbor so anglers can retrieve the line at a quicker pace when pulling in bonefish or wahoo. With a drag system that underwent years of development, the fish wear out faster when fighting the line. The fly reel stays cooler due to the perforated spool and drum as well as the main gear made from aluminum. Likewise, this lightweight fly fishing equipment reduces fatigue when casting the rod for hours, and the Delrin resin handles are easy to grasp. The accompanying neoprene case protects the tackle between fishing trips.

What Types of Tibor Reels Are Available?

  • Billy Pate Reels: Designed to catch salmon, bonefish, and tarpon, the anti-reverse fly reel requires little maintenance. Since they are factory lubricated, you shouldnt need to relubricate. Clickers alert anglers when the line moves through the spool. Moreover, the tackle is made from solid bar stock aluminum that doesnt rust. The frame has a satin gold finish to include a nameplate space reserved for a personal engraving.
  • Signature Series Reels: Each fly reel is signed by the founder and comes in five sizes and weights, ranging from 7 to 13.6 ounces. These reels stay cool due to the ventilated frame and spool, which has one moving part. Youll have extra time to cast your fly rod since the waterproof sealed-drag needs no maintenance.
  • Light Reels: Debuted in 1999, these fly fishing reels are suitable for catching trout, bass, and pike. Constructed using the same standards as Billy Pate and the Signature Series reels, the Light spool removes easily and spare spools are available.

How Do I Maintain My Fly Reels?

Youll need to rinse off your fly fishing reels with warm water whether you fish in fresh or saltwater. If your equipment is exposed to saltwater on a regular basis, you should remove the line and backing, and be sure to wipe away salt with a damp cloth. Furthermore, reels made at the factory are right hand retrieve but you can switch to left hand retrieve by rotating the clutch pins 180 degrees.

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