Zapatos De Tap

Keep the Beat With Tap Shoes

Tap dance training offers a host of physical and mental health benefits for men, women, and kids of all ages. A popular form of recreational exercise, tap dancing can boost cardiovascular and muscular strength, enhance flexibility, improve coordination, and reduce feelings of tension and stress. A successful tap dance session starts with a good pair of tap shoes, which you can find new or used on eBay.

Which dance wear companies manufacture tap shoes?

Notable shoe manufacturers include Bloch, Capezio, Leo, So Danca, and American Ballet Theater's Spotlight. Miller and Ben is a high-end maker of hand-made, high-gloss leather men's and women's tap shoes. Miller and Ben's adult oxfords are known for their durability and fantastic sound quality. Like Bloch, Capezio, and other dance shoemakers, Miller and Ben have several shoe designs.

What are some different types of tap shoes?

Well-known dance shoemakers, such as Bloch and Capezio, carry a variety of shoe models to accommodate adults and children with different abilities and personal preferences. Both Bloch and Capezio produce men's, women's, and children's shoes. Oxfords are a low-top, closed-shoe style with laces over the instep and a comfortably low heel. Leather oxfords are among the most common tap shoe designs for adults because they offer excellent support and great sound quality.

Oxfords are also fashioned from durable material that will hold up to regular use. Low-heeled Mary Janes with ribbons or a Velcro or buckle strap are a good style for children who are just learning to dance. Women's Mary Jane styles can vary in terms of heel height.

Components of tap shoes

Tap shoes will come with a number of different components:

  • Uppers - This is the "shoe" portion of the tap shoe. Choose from men's or women's uppers in a number of colors, embellishments, and shoe styles from lace-up to Mary Jane. Tap shoes can be designed to go with a costume or may have the ability to have covers placed over them to match as Vari Insoles provide foot cushioning in a shoe. These inserts are designed to keep the shoe clean and provide support for different shapes of foot. Insoles are available for high arches, heel cushioning, and other orthopedic issues.
  • Taps - The hard pieces that provide the tap in tap shoes may be plastic in beginner shoes but are typically metal.
  • Soles - Tap shoes often have a stacked leather heel for a combination of comfort and posture. Modern shoes may have stacked plastic heels. Leather and artificial leather soles are typically seen in the non-tap portion of tap soles.