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Everything You Need to Know to Select a TV Signal Meter

If you've ever had problems with your satellite dish's reception, you may have caught yourself wondering if there's a better way to align it. A TV signal meter addresses that problem by helping you find the television signal efficiently and conveniently. With a new or used TV signal meter found on eBay, it's fast, easy, and accurate to get the optimal reception out of your dish.

How do you connect the TV signal meter?

For most models of digital TV signal meters, it's as simple as connecting the device to both your TV and your antenna, turning the HDTV signal strength meter on, and rotating your antenna until the device is reading the highest TV signal strength output. Some models of digital TV signal strength meters may need to be calibrated first before using. Depending on the model, there may be additional steps that involve things such as adjusting.

Are TV signal meters difficult to use?

TV signal finders are very easy to learn how to use. In contrast to traditional methods of finding the optimal TV signal strength, TV signal meters are considerably easier and typically feature detailed instructions.

How do you pick the right TV signal meter?

Depending on your unique situation, there are several different factors that could help you decide which type of TV signal meter you need:

  • Screen size: Those who have any issues with their vision may want to purchase one that has a bigger screen.
  • Parental control lock: For those who have young children, a TV signal meter with a parental control lock may be better.
  • Battery capacity: The capacity of the battery may be a consideration if you find yourself having to align your satellite dish often.
  • Scan options: If you want the process to be even easier, you should get a signal meter that has an automatic scan function as well as a network scan function.
What are the differences between models?

Most differences in models are either cosmetic or smaller differences in terms of languages supported or ease of use. For example, the SATLINK WS-6980 model supports blind and auto scans. The Satellite Finder Analog SF-95 sports an analog display. Ultimately, most differences in models are small niche features. The wide selection of affordable TV signal finders on eBay means that whatever your unique needs may be, there's a model for you.