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Supermicro 1 Processor Computer Servers

A Buying Guide to Supermicro 1U Servers

Finding a quality computer server with all the features and functionality you need for business or network can be a major step in growing a small business. eBay has a great selection of quality servers of all types with all the specifications you need to help your business succeed and grow. Finding the right server for your needs at eBay is quick, and the prices are reasonable.

What is a 1U server?

The "U" in the term "1U" is in reference to a rack unit, a unit of measurement that describes the height of a given device. One example is a rack-mounted server thats stored in a 19- or 23-inch rack. A rack unit is 1.75 inches in height. One rack unit is called "1U", two units are called "2U," and so on.

Rack-mounted servers, also called "rackmount" or "rack servers," are computers that work as servers and were intended for installation in a rack framework. Comprised of numerous bays or mounting slots, rack frameworks hold multiple hardware devices securely within their bays secured with screws. Physical space is saved as many servers can be installed within the rack with one over the top of the other.

What Supermicro 1U servers are available?

eBay makes finding a quality server with the specifications you need easy with its wide selection. There are many Supermicro 1U units available with up to 4TB of RAM memory. You can find servers with 1, 2, 4, or 8 processors that offer favorite processor types like Opteron, Xeon, Xeon Quad Core, and more. eBay allows you to find a quality Supermicro 1U device at an affordable price.

What does a computer server do?

Servers themselves are computers, but they provide information for other computers referred to as "client computers." Individual users on client computers can connect to a specific server using a local area network or LAN or a wide area network or WAN like the internet. There are many different types of servers. There are file servers, mail servers, web servers, and more, and the server will be configured to handle the specific job. Servers use different operating systems than client computers. Most servers dont need powerful processors but are more efficient with a generous amount of RAM memory and a quick hard drive.

How can servers benefit your business?

If youre in the business of making custom baby clothes, in todays business world, you have a lot more to do than craft tiny clothing pieces. You also have the responsibility of running your business, and that includes accounting, human resources, IT, and a lot more. Computer servers help businesses with the workload by handling some of the tasks needed to run a successful business.

  • Backups: When you have a computer server, you can store your data on it and conveniently have it in one central location. This also makes creating regular backups of your data very easy.
  • Shared resources: When your data is stored on a server, theres no longer a need to have access to specific PCs or people to get the information you need. You can access it 24/7 on your server.
  • Shared applications: Servers assist you in running and sharing business applications for use in your business.
  • Cost-efficient: Eliminate the need for several PCs by combining a quality server with virtualization and implement a more cost-efficient solution.
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