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Choosing the Right Golf Balls for Your Game

Having the right golf ball while out on the course is equally important as having the right tee and golf clubs. It is always a safe option to choose a brand that tour professionals the world over favor. Srixon makes quality golf balls for any type of golf player, regardless of their ability level, and eBay sellers have a multitude of offerings. 

Features to Consider When Purchasing New Golf Balls

Not all golf equipment is equal, and different playing styles require different types of golf balls. When looking through the selection, these are some important points to take into consideration:

  • Outside of the ball: The outside of the ball is a factor in how it performs. A soft feel cover is not as resistant to abrasions as a hard cover is. Most balls have around 300-500 dimples and this has an effect on how they travel. If there are fewer and larger dimples, this means the ball will travel higher in the air.
  • Construction: Golf balls can use either one, two, three, or four pieces. One piece balls often go on driving ranges or by beginners. Three or four piece models give the most feel and control. 
  • Control, spin and distance: Balls that are for distance are usually harder in feel and can sometimes be hard to control on the green, whereas soft balls with maximum control reduce how the ball spins when struck with the club. Some balls will spin more than normal but can land in tight spaces, with control. 

What Models of Srixon Golf Balls Can I Find?

You can find golf ball models for different swing types that come in small or large size packs. It's a good idea to buy a multi-pack just in case you happen to lose a few while out on the course.  There are also balls designed for men and women. Just some of the models include: 

  • Soft Feel: These have a great feel on all full shots with incredible distance and accuracy. Soft Feel balls also have improved green side spin over time, now in their 10th generation.
  • Z-Star: If you are looking for maximum performance then Z-Star balls are an excellent choice. They have exceptional technology to lift up your game. 
  • Q-Star Tour: Q-Star Tour golf balls are ideal for you if you have a moderate swing speed. Compression is low and a urethane cover gives you great performance.

Golf Accessories

Along with a large range of golf balls, you can also find other golf equipment from this brand including golf bags, gloves, travel gear, headwear, and weight kits. 

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