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Speck Cases for iPhone 5

Speck iPhone 5 cases fit the Apple iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, and iPhone SE. These Speck CandyShell iPhone cases provide military-grade protection for your phone. They come in a wide variety of colors and patterns, including turquoise, blue, and black.

How do Speck CandyShell phone cases protect your iPhone?

These cases made by Speck utilize a number of technologies in order to cover and protect your phone. They are engineered to protect against drops, screen cracks, and more.

  • Military-grade protection: These cases for your Apple iPhone feature high-level protection against drops.
  • Screen guard: A raised bezel around the screen aids in preventing unsightly and damaging cracks if the iPhone is dropped.
  • Covered buttons: Fully responsive, the button coverings prevent dirt or other materials from damaging your device.
Do these cases protect your phone against shock?

Yes. Speck cases for iPhones are lab-tested for durability and shock absorption.

How are these iPhone cases from Speck tested?

All CandyShell cases for iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, and iPhone SE undergo military drop-testing to ensure they meet MIL-STD-810G standards. This means that they are dropped many times from varying heights to test whether the phone inside the case breaks. In order to pass the testing process, the iPhone 5 case must be unbroken, and the iPhone must retain full functionality. All of these cases meet these military standards at a minimum, and many exceed these standards.

What styles are available for iPhone 5 and SE cases?

There are many different patterns available for your iPhone 5 case. Speck phone cases for your iPhone 5 and iPhone SE also come in a variety of different colors, either solid or in a pattern to suit your preference. Here are a few of the phone case types you might see:

  • Grip: This is a two-tone case that features rubberized grips to help protect against drops. It feels comfortable in the hand and comes in many colors, including black, turquoise, and blue.
  • Clear: This case provides military-grade protection, and the button covers offer full functionality while allowing your iPhone to be seen.
  • Inked: These cases feature bold, exciting patterns to dress up your iPhone and fit your personal style. They include button covers to keep them clean and safe.
  • Original, Flip, Amped, and Card: These each have unique features, such as integrated stands, music amplification, or the ability to carry cards or cash. Each has one main color with rubberized accents. They come in turquoise, purple, and many other colors.