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Soundstream Car Subwoofers

Soundstream is an American audio equipment manufacturer that was founded over 20 years ago. Soundstream produces audio systems for marine and security applications, DJs, and cars. This company offers a collection of car subwoofers for those seeking bass speakers for their automotive audio systems.

What is a Soundstream car subwoofer?

A subwoofer is a type of speaker that augments an existing audio system by providing a deep bass tone. Car subwoofers are installed in vehicles to supplement car audio systems with enhanced bass.

Which models of Soundstream car subwoofers are available?

Soundstream produces a variety of car subwoofers, each of which works in a particular type of application:

  • Dual subwoofers: While most car subwoofers consist of a single speaker, dual subwoofers use two speakers installed in separate locations. This adds a stereo effect to the bass vibrations produced by subwoofers.
  • Tarantula series: Tarantula subwoofers from Soundstream are readily identified by the black-on-black tarantula logo embossed in the center of the cone. These subwoofers use between 1,800 and 2,600 RMS watts, and a 1,000-watt voice coil dominates the arrangement. The sub-cone is made from spruce pulp, the magnets are triple stacked, and the surround is made from high-density polyether foam. Tarantula speakers produce up to 4 ohms.
  • Reference series: The Reference series is an energy-efficient option from Soundstream. These car subwoofers use between 700 and 900 watts, and they range from 8 to 15 inches in diameter. Reference series car subwoofers feature a blue tarantula logo.
  • Rubicon series: Rubicon audio devices feature 2-inch OFC copper voice coils that produce 4 ohms. These woofers use between 450 and 500 RMS watts.
  • Under-seat subwoofers: While most woofers are encased in a cabinet at the rear of the car, some of these devices can also be installed under the seat. Under-seat subwoofers are usually equipped with a remote control that can be used to vary sound levels.
  • Shallow wedge subwoofers: If your car doesn't have room for a standard car subwoofer, you can use a shallow wedge woofer. These devices consist of a solid speaker enclosure that is installed behind the rear seats.

How do you install Soundstream car subwoofers?

Follow these steps to install a new Soundstream car subwoofer in your car:

  • Run the power cable for your speaker through the firewall at the front of the car. Do not connect the wires to the battery yet.
  • Run the wire under the carpeting or through a wire channel to the trunk of your car.
  • Wire the car audio cords from your woofer to your stereo unit. Then wire your woofer to the remote.
  • Insert the woofer into its enclosure and use screws to secure the woofer in place.
  • Connect the woofer wires to the battery to complete installation.
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