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Soundstream Amplifiers Can Help You Customize Your Car's Sound System

When you are looking to enhance the audio system of your car, Soundstream has you covered. Their products can get you the customized sound that you want from your car’s stereo, whether you're upgrading an old system or simply want to amp up your existing components.

How does an amplifier enhance a car audio system?

An amplifier takes a weak stereo signal and amplifies it. All vehicles come with a stock audio system. These systems often do not have much clarity to their sound. A car's stock audio system will have a head unit with an amplifier built right into it. Once again, the stock model amplifier will have a distortion to its sound. If you are looking to eliminate that element from your audio, you need to upgrade your amplifier.

You should consider purchasing a separate amplifier if you want to:

  • Power a subwoofer
  • Have sound without distortion
  • Maximize the sound of your current system
What does a channel mean?

Amplifiers will have different channels on them. They have multiple combinations of channels from mono to six. Typically, there is one channel per speaker. Tweeters and woofers are connected to the mono channels, while the speakers are on the numbered ones. Depending on your particular car sound system, there can be multiple configurations of channels.

How much wattage should be in an amplifier?

Amp power is referenced by how much wattage it sends to the speaker. This is one of the most important factors when selecting an amplifier. Car amplifier power is measured in RMS. You want to find a value between 75% and 150%. If you are looking for an amp to power a tweeter or woofer, you need to find a model with a high or low pass filter.

Where can you install an amp in the vehicle?

There are multiple places to install an amplifier in a vehicle. You must consider the size of the component and where you want it to fit. The rear cargo area is the most common area. Amps can also be installed under a seat or in the door panel. Make sure you secure the amp in any installation. The part has sensitive components that can be damaged if it is not fastened down.

Are there different Soundstream amplifiers available?

Soundstream carries a wide selection of amplifiers with various channel settings. Whether you need a mono channel or six-channel amplifier, they have the amplifier for you.

If you're looking to upgrade an amplifier, Soundstream has the following models available:

  • Arachnid
  • Tarantula Electro
  • Tarantula Nano
  • Rubicon Nano
  • Stealth
  • Picasso
  • X3