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All About Soundstream Subwoofers For Your Car’s Audio System

Soundstream is a dynamic sub manufacturer with competitive Ohm rates for constant bass resistance. The DVC design of the agency’s voice coils packs a punch and without bursting the car subwoofers cone. You’ll find watts in a variety of ranges, which ensures that a car’s audio system is complete.

What frequencies are used for bass sounds?

A healthy range for bass frequencies are typically between 25-35 Hz with the lowest ranges used in a speaker system at 20 Hz. This decibel level is something that’s felt more than heard and is possible through sub systems like those made by Soundstream. The company makes low-frequency subwoofers that reach diameters of 8-15 inches and can be joined with an amplifier.

An amp connects your subwoofer to an audio system when extracting sound from a computer, radio, or disc module. The Soundstream brand creates 12-15-inch models from a wide selection that includes the Stealth-124, the Picasso Shallow, the Picasso, the Rubicon, the Tarantula T5, the Reference, and the Reference R1.

How many watts can Soundstream subwoofers produce?

Soundstream is flexible in its watt rates with the lowest amount being 180, depending on the inches in diameter and the objective of the model. The highest range manufactured by this brand reaches power states of 2,000 watts with complete control through a RMS ceiling made for each subwoofer.

What important features are there in Soundstream subwoofers?
  • Wired voice coils: Voice coils are found at the base of a sub speaker where a heavy magnet is also placed using a DVC configuration for effective Ohm levels. These coils conduct electricity that is sent from an amplifier. The frequencies in a voice coil are the sound waves that represent the audio features of a song, speech, and so on. The ability of this wire material to conduct frequencies is based on a tight wound that enables a magnetic force to contain the frequencies sent into the subwoofer cone.
  • Shockproof cone: The cone portion of Soundstream speakers is the piece of a subwoofer that creates the face and can often be found pushing forward and backward when sound is made. These cones are made to withstand power outputs of roughly 2,000 watts without being broken through from the pressure of the Ohms.
  • Sealed enclosures: Subwoofers are best positioned into a vehicle when having an enclosure. Enclosures do more than stabilize speakers into a car however. Enclosures also work to manage the sound that a speaker has. These boxes are made to specifically fit subs up to 15 inches or more. The added benefit is that you can move an enclosure around as needed.
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