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Tips for Choosing a Sony LCD TV

Very few households are without at least one TV. Whether you are binge-watching your favorite TV show, watching the evening news, or playing your favorite video game, you want a reliable television with a clear picture and additional fun features. Sony, a trusted electronics company that has been making TVs for decades, offers LCD TVs to consider.

What is the difference between LCD and LED TVs?

LED TVs are a subset of LCD TVs. Both types of televisions have a liquid crystal display that includes two layers of polarized glass, but LCD units use fluorescent lights instead of LEDs, which are always behind the screen. There is more variety in the placement of the diodes in LED TVs, making them thinner and more efficient.

What are some features of Sony LCD TVs?

Sony TVs offer a wide variety of features depending on the model and whether or not it is a Smart TV, such as a Sony Bravia. A few such features include:

  • Downloadable apps.
  • Internet browsing and streaming.
  • Bluetooth capability to create your own surround-sound home theater and use the voice-search remote.
  • Full HD-enabled in some form, whether HDR or UHD/4K.
  • A flat screen to deliver a lighter unit that is easier to move and mount on the wall.
What are the screen sizes of TVs made by Sony?

Sony units are available in multiple screen sizes that range from 9 inches to 75 inches, measured diagonally. Units over 60 inches are often projection TVs that sit on the floor and cannot be wall-mounted. Common screen sizes between 20 and 60 inches include 24 inches, 32 inches, and 46 inches. Some screens provide HDR 1080p resolution. Other Smart TVs have 4K resolution, which is equal to 2160p double an HDR TVs resolution. See the manufacturer site for details.

Can I connect to the internet with an LCD TV?

Not all Sony TVs have internet connectivity, but the manufacturers Smart TVs are enabled for Wi-Fi and able to access the internet. This is especially true of those equipped with Sonys Bravia TV technology. All Sony full HD, flat-panel LCD televisions in North America have had the Bravia technology since 2005; this replaced the LCD WEGA technology previously used by Sony. Sony Bravia TVs are Smart TVs that have 4K HDR. This level of resolution gives the picture a sharper, clearer, brighter and more lifelike, full HD display than previous technology.

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