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Sony 700 MB Home Computer Blank CDs, DVDs & Blu-ray Discs

Is it Still Possible to Find Blank CD-R Discs?

It wasnt that long ago where the only way to back up files and listen to music was with CDs. Even though CDs have given way to flash drives, USB sticks, and external hard drives, you can still find 700 MB CD-Rs to use for a number of reasons.

What Can I Use Blank CDs for?

Even though recordable CD-R discs are not so common for us to use these days, they do still have a use. The blank discs that you choose can either be white inkjet printable or you can write on the cover yourself.

  • Burning CDs for the car: You can make a mix tape for your car by recording your favorite songs by different artists on to one CD-R.
  • Storing photos: You may like to store photos as a backup from your computer onto CD-Rs, which is a great idea if you dont have a flash drive.
  • Backing up files: You can also save Word and Excel files onto CD-R discs, so you may like to back up important files and store them away from the computer.

How Do 700 MB Blank CDs Tend to Come?

Sony blank CDs can either come separately or in a pack.

  • Separately: Youll find a single blank CD-R or CD-RW in a hard case or a soft paper packet.
  • Pack: The most common way to find blank compact discs is in a pack. These packs generally have 50 discs on a spindle with a plastic cover around them for storage. When you need a disc, you simply take one off the spindle, without having to touch any other discs. You can also get CD-Rs in multi-packs of 300 or 400.

How Long Do CD-Rs last?

The exact time that a blank CD can last seems to vary. Some say that a disc is good for between two and five years after it has been burnt, while others say that five to ten years is an accurate amount of time. If you are burning important files to CD, it is a good idea to have a double back up just in case anything should happen to one disc. You may find that when using a spindle of CD-R discs, there is the odd one or two that do not record properly so they need throwing out.

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