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SixSixOne Cycling Elbow Pads

The importance of protecting yourself while cycling is clear. Your head and joints will thank you when you have the right protection while on your bike. Whether you are looking for a new set of SixSixOne pads or trying to find replacements, this selection of cycling elbow pads should help.

How does the SixSixOne elbow pad protect the arm?

SixSixOne has a considerable line of protective gear, including knee pads, helmets, and elbow pads. Their elbow guards and knee pads feature the following components for your safety:

  • Hardcap: An internal hardcap offers protection by completely covering your primary area of impact.
  • Padding: Layered EVA padding throughout the chassis and sleeve provide a protective layer that extends beyond just the elbow.
  • Materials: The materials they use to make their products include stretch Kevlar, neoprene, mesh, and biofoams.
What design features do SixSixOne elbow guards have?

The pads are designed to be worn for extended periods without slipping, getting too hot, or bothering the arm. Design features used to enhance your comfort include:

  • Fit: With accurate and consistent sizing, adjustable elastic straps, and secure Velcro closures, the pads are designed to offer a snug fit.
  • Ventilation: The sleeve is equipped with mesh and perforated neoprene to provide airflow.
  • Shape: The pre-curved chassis offers a shape that is intended to enhance your protection.
What sizes do the pads come in?

SixSixOne uses standard sizing from small to extra large. The measurements for the top and bottom openings are in centimeters. Different products have different sizing guides, even those of the same type. For example, their Recon elbow pads have a top opening of 13.5 centimeters and a bottom opening to 11 centimeters in large. The Rage elbow pads in large have a top opening of 14.5 to 16.5 centimeters and a bottom opening of 11.5 to 12 centimeters.

Do the pads interfere with your range of motion?

The company offers several models of elbow guards and knee pads designed to offer you protection and comfort without interfering with your range of motion. From the flexible stretch Kevlar of the Evo line to the asymmetrical design of the Recon line, the pads are designed to move with you. The pads are also lightweight to feel as natural as possible on the arm so that they will not distract riders or interfere with arm movement.

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